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Reducing a curve

Reducing a curve

Hey guys, I’m new to PE, been doing a beginners routine for 2 weeks so far and I’ve got some questions about where to start..
I’ve got a pretty severe downward plaque or anything, it just feels like the bottom of my dick is less developed than the top or something. Attached a rough sketch of what it looks like, should I be worried about the severity of the curve?

What is the best way to go about lessening the severity of the curve? That would be my primary goal. I’d also like length gains, but getting rid of the curve is more important to me (I feel like size gains will come easier with a more “normal” dick).


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Do you have a thick “cord” spanning the curve?

V-stretches (stretch straight ought, then press the center of your penis down) should help—if not, more aggressive things like fulcrum hanging and extenders will probably help.

What do you mean by cord? On the bottom of my unit there are these segmented chamber things. Where the curve is, is between two of the segments. There’s a little indent. The base of my penis is also wider and it narrows slightly as you go towards the head. I attached a side view sketch, the arrow points to where the curve occurs (on the bottom) when fully erect. The sketch is when I’m semi-erect and straightening my penis out with my hand.

Does the curvature in my first post look severe enough to cause serious worry about functionality?

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what do you mean by no plaque?

I don’t feel any plaque typical of Peyronie’s disease so I don’t think that’s the cause of the curve.

I have read a few posts on erect bends, you may want to look into those as well. It is only a downward curve? No left or right bending as well? How far from the base of your shaft is the bend? If you could measurements of your dick with where the bend starts at could help others design a routine for you. Best of luck.

Yup, only downward. Measuring along the top I got 6” erect with the middle of the curve at about 2.5” from the base. From the bottom I get roughly 1.5” from the base and 4.5” total erect. Isn’t very accurate though because I’m not sure where to start the measurement from the bottom. Haha I really wish I didn’t have the curve, it makes me look tiny even though I’m about average. :(

I have this exact same thing, indent and all when I manually straighten it.

Maybe the indent is what occured from the uretha being bent down.. Kind of like when you bend a steel pipe, it kinks where it bends.

Here’s my thread on it.

I’ve got questions, you’ve got answers.

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