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Red spotting - only where I grip.

Red spotting - only where I grip.

Hey guys,

I’ve been mostly inconsistent with my PE due to life demands and whatnot, typically on a 1 day on, 2 days off scenario but I make it 2 on and 1 off when I can. I’ve been doing a modified newbie routine for about a month and definitely have some skin growth (turkey neck, tree root.sigh) and maybe some increased length and girth. I also have some increased venation and stronger kegels.

I typically do some basic manual stretches, 10 or 15 minutes of wet jelqs, and then finish it up with a few squeezes (not quite ULIs as I don’t move up and down a lot but just grip the base tightly). I don’t get too many little red spots, but I tend to get them only around the base where I grip. Oh, I’m sorta half-circumcised by the way so I have a decent amount of fauxskin now.

Should I retract the foreskin before every jelq and stretch to prevent turkey neck? It seems I have to squeeze harder and I don’t feel like I’m getting a good stretch when I do this, but maybe thats just the difference between the pulling of the skin and the internal penile tissue. Also, why may I only get red spots at the base of my shaft where I grip


If retracting the foreskin with every jelq makes your routine a chore - to say nothing of the other negatives - maybe it isn’t worth doing with every stroke.

Try focusing the direction of your stroke downward and apply less tugging pressure to the underside of your shaft. The “turkey neck” phenomenon is essentially your shaft borrowing skin from your scrotum and tends to show up more for guys working at high angles.

Be careful not to place too much pressure on the top/front of your shaft as you compensate, though. The Dorsal nerve group that is found there, just behind the glans, is the most delicate area of your shaft and should be treated lightly. Stopping your stroke before this point will help.

Keep the greatest pressure on the sides and try jelqing at a lower angle for the turkey neck.

Thanks Cap’n! By focusing the direction downward, do you mean pointing the penis to more of 9 or 6 o clock angle during the jelq? How do you suggest I grip? Also, I was under the impression that working at a high angle worked the tunica the best, and therefore contributed to the best long-term growth? I was unaware there we’re other negatives regarding the retraction of the foreskin, am I missing something?

Yes, point the direction of your unit below a 9:00 angle. This won’t give you any less of a tunica workout and may reduce the turkey neck - or at least stop it’s advance.

The concern about high angle versus low and what effect that has on growth is based on the speculation that it is harder to affect the inner penis - that which exists internally, from your pubic bone to your exit point - when hitting lower angles. This is because the supporting ligaments begin to take the stress before it ever gets to the inner penis.

If you subscribe to this and it concerns you enough to avoid lower angles, there are a few wrapping techniques guys employ in order to allow high angle work yet limit turkey neck. Doing a search might bring up something useful, but I have only seen this idea used in the context of hanging and healing and think it would be rather cumbersome to employ in a manual routine. Though, you never know - you might come up with something that works.

As for the “other negatives” in retracting your foreskin with every jelq stroke - I was referring to what you wrote here:

“It seems I have to squeeze harder and I don't feel like I'm getting a good stretch when I do this”

Also, I always found that an overhand grip encouraged lower angle jelqing as well as placed pressure where it best suited my goal - which was less pressure on top (the webbing between thumb and index finger aids this), a controllable amount of pressure on the bottom (owing to the fact that this is where finger and thumb meet), and the greatest pressure hitting the sides.

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