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Red spots, where

Red spots, where

Hey I’ve been seeing allot of threads with red spots reports, but to my memory only to the shaft, now I’m experiencing red spots, but only on the glance.

It doesn’t hurt or anything, actually it hurt less this time when I applied pressure on the jelq motion than normal, and this comes and goes between 7-10 sessions, the “not hurting” part. Are these spots one the glance and no pain from time to time a good sign or bad?

I’ve only PE’ed for one and a half months and haven’t taken any progress checks yet, though I can see a hint of fuller, heavier and longer flaccid penis, and that from what I’ve read is a good sign. (Not sure on the erect area, maybe a little?)


BPEL: 6.4

I think you meant to say glans :p

Small red spots on the glans are the result of burst capillaries. According to the jelqing guide these shouldn’t be considered a problem and they should disappear within a day or two.

Still I don’t know if you should take a few days off until the spots disappear. Let’s hope a veteran can enlighten us both as I’m also facing this problem right now.

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It’s a matter of your penis getting used to the pressure. Rest one day and let them go away. You may still get the spots the next time you jelq, but your body will slowly become accustomed to the new pressure and they will stop appearing. The time is probably different for each man due to differences in pressure, experience, etc.

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