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Red spots on shaft after stretching jelqing

Red spots on shaft after stretching jelqing

So after my routine in the hot shower I received several red, itchy/hurting red spots on the skin near the base, and down the scrotum.

Any idea what caused it?

Maybe the stretching with foreskin over the glans?

If I stretch with the foreskin retracted, it’s very uncomfortable, so what should I do?

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It could be skin irritation. I get that often when it’s right around when I’ve shaved or if I haven’t shaved in awhile. What are you using for lube when you are jelqing?

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The only time I have gotten those red spots is after a pumping session once. I went up one more HG and held it for 60 seconds. It was the first time I did it without a hot bath warmup and stretch. I think they can be avoided if you do an extreme warmup session as to where your penis is like elastic or a rubber band

I had some red spots on my shaft a few weeks ago. I started using moisturizer and they went away. I think it comes from a combination of too much heat, skin stretching and moisture loss in the skin.

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