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Red spots from Jelqing

Red spots from Jelqing

I have been getting red spots on the head of my penis from Jelqing. I am only on my second continous week of jelqing. I now that these spots are blood from calliparies that have bursted. My question is should I stop jelqing until these spots go away, Should I ease up on the pressure while jelqing or is it fine to continue with my regular routine? Thanks!

You should stop for a few days in my mind.

After that you can continue, but careful. Lighter is better for the beginners.

It seems that I only get these when I jelq with too much of an erection. I hadn’t gotten any spots for a couple of months when, one day last week week, Angelina Jolie & Elizabeth Hurley were getting too aggressive when I was jelqing. Suddenly I had too much erection and BAM! red spots all over the glans. The interesting thing is that I was watching as the spots developed right before my eyes. It was sort of slow motion, like I was in “The Zone”. They say that Ted Williams was such a great hitter because he saw the ball coming in slow motion. Anyway, I digress.

The spots were gone in 2 days.


I’ve never stopped because of the red spots, but this doesn’t mean you do the same. Being new, do what you think is neccesary, become attuned to what your dick is going through. Lighten up a little as mentioned above, you will burst capillaries, try to get a “feel” for the different excercises and the effects they have while learning the anatomy in regards to PE. IMO, you should steal some nice newbie gains without getting this intense so soon.


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