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Red spots/doughnut??

Red spots/doughnut??

I have been doing PE for about 3 weeks with minimal gains. My question revolves about the after-effects of a good PE session. How many people ever get the “doughnut effect” and/or red spots. I have never gotten the doughnut effect, and got one red spot once (which went away after 2 days). Now I know these signs aren’t good, but I was wondering maybe if I am not pushing my unit to the limit. Opinions? By the way I’m doing the newbie routine for now with my jelqs increased to 350-400.

I think you’re doing well with all those jelqs. I got one red/purple spot the first few weeks, and I was only doing 100 every other day! Now, if I get anything like that, I know I’m doing more than enough jelqing. The doughnut effect I think is mostly a pumping after-effect.

After a few months, you should be able to avoid the red spots if you’re not pushing too hard.
Good luck with the gains.

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Hi certaindeath,

Red spots can be a good sign of a hardy workout, but are not necessary to achieve gains. In my entire PE career I have only had one or two red spots, yet have continued to gain. Usually the donut effect comes from improper wrapping or wearing a device/holding a stretch too long. You don’t want that.

Ok, that is good new indeed. Thanks for the replies.

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