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Red spot question

Red spot question

Hello all, just finished my second day of PE and currently excited to see if permanent gains can be made,

Currently I measure at 7” BPEL and 5” EG

Looking to get to 7.6BPEL 5.5” EG

I am currently following the newbie routine.

After my second session I noticed small red dots which I see as a good sign that the jelqing is working and also noticed a larger red spot (about a cm across on my foreskin. When I lift my away from my glands however, the spot lifts with it.

Therefore my question is should I just continue as normal? I’m on my rest day tomorrow anyway but if it hasn’t healed in that time I don’t want to risk messing my unit up, however it doesn’t actually seem to be on my glands, just the skin above it.
I also like to get erect and masturbate after my sessions to check for a potential decrease on EQ etc, (And to marvel at the slight temporary gains haha :) ) and if anything my EQ has improved slightly however it does take a longer for me to ejaculate although the intensity of the orgasm is increased.

So, any thoughts?

Thank you for your time.

Red dots are indications of capillary bursts. They are an injury and not a good sign of anything, imo.

Reduce the intensity of your workout.

I don’t get the part about the spot lifting “with it.” With what? Can you explain that better?



Small petechie (small red spots about 1mm) can be normal and should go away quickly (in a day or even hours). These are broken capillaries that bleed just beneath the skin.

A large one (1cm) however is probably not good. You have it on your foreskin so its probably because you were not using enough lubricant and possibly too much force. Jelq with less force and buy a good sexual lubricant like Astroglide or KY.

Originally Posted by avocet8
I don’t get the part about the spot lifting “with it.” With what? Can you explain that better?

It lifts with my foreskin when I pull it away from my ‘head’, by this I don’t mean pulling the foreskin back but upwards away from the penis.

And thank you for the advice all, I’ll take it easier next time and wait for this thing to heal before I get back to the routine. I hope it hurry’s up though, kind of frustrating to have a minor injury after 2 days of training. :(

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