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Red skin at base after stretches

Red skin at base after stretches

Is this normal?

Will it take a while for the skin where the base meets the shaft to strengthen or should it never be red in the first place?

I believe as long as it’s not causing pain, then it is just a natural response to workload (I get the same thing, just less so).
Having said that, if you think you should decrease your intensity.. Do so.

It does take a while for your unit to get used to PE.

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I get little tiny red spots after jelqing, but no redness at the very base after a stretch, the rest of the shaft yes, but not the base.

Are you pulling the skin to hard? Your supposed to pull the ligaments inside, try hanging to get a good feel for what it feels like to stretch the lig’s the right way.

Maybe some of the vets have some good advice for you. Just be careful not to hurt yourself dude.

Hmm I’ll play it by ear I think. But it wouldn’t hurt to take it easy for the time being. Thanks guys.

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