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Red "pinpoint" spots above glans when jelq

Red "pinpoint" spots above glans when jelq

So when I jelq I get these very tiny red pinpoint spots all around the vicinity of the glans (just above them to be exact). I always assumed this to be a positive sign of blood being forced in the head of the unit. I started PE about 4 years ago, and immediately noticed very improved erections but wasn’t consistent enough due to lack of time (college on an athletic scholarship) Recently, I resumed jelqing/stretching with the newbie routine + an ESL40 stretcher (available on eBay) with a lot of enthusiasm, maybe a bit too much. Recently I had my second sexual encounter with this chick (picked up PE after the first one) and my EQ quality was abysmal. I had being doing it for 1 week only..

So a few questions..

Are the pinpoint spots bad? (I had them the first time doing PE from what I vaguely remember and it never seemed to be a negative PI)

Did I go overboard with 2 days on 1 day off of the newbie routine (combined with using the ESL40 hanger about 30-1 hr a day)?

When stretching using a circumcised penis is it ok to grip right behind the glans?

Any advice for me? I have a stable job, an apartment with privacy, I’m ready to be commited.. Just want some guidance and advice before I jump back in again..

I think my erections problems are all anxiety driven honestly.. When I’m a bit tipsy girls have complemented on the hardness of my unit but when I’m sober it shrivels up :O

Tiny pinprick spots are not normally problematic. They aren’t a terribly good sign that you are going overboard, they might in fact be a sign that you are in the right spot. Anything bigger than a pin prick is problematic.

Anxiety can be a killer. Which probably explains bars.

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Any feedback about the manual stretch grip?

You should grip behind the glans, yes. Try to put the majority of the power of the grip on the sides, using an overhand OK with the fleshy part between thumb and forefinger on the top of the shaft. For more techniques see Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

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