Red Light Kegels

Being in Athens, Greece for work (thankfully going home on Wednesday), I am faced with a city with incomprehensible traffic and unbelievable number of stops for red traffic lights.
It seems that when you drive through this city, you can bet on stopping at every single light.

To take my mind of this annoying fact, I started to play a game I call “red light kegels”. The rules are pretty simple. Every time I stop at a red light I kegel and try to keep it at the peak until the light changes to green.

This is quite challenging when you stop at a light that takes 2 or 3 minutes to change to green. After some point I can feel a tingling sensation from as far below as my feet and up to even my jaw.

The upside is that the coming of the green light is a double relieve.

Anyone else playing stupid little games like mine?