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Red dots

Red dots

I have red dots all over my thing, is this OK?

Did you recently pass out drunk and is there a red permenant marker somewhere nearby?

Do you have the chicken pox?

Have you been with a prostitute lately?

Are there red dots anywhere else?

Can you be a little more descriptive?

Can you post a pic in the members forum?

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My guess is that you haven’t tried the search button (found at the top right of every page). Try it now. Use “red spots penis” as the search term. You’ll get about 100 threads that contain those words, but you don’t have to read them all. Just look at the thread titles for other newbies who have asked that same question before. You’ll know which ones they are because the thread will be called:

Red spots in my penis!!! or
Another Red Spot Question or
Red spots from Jelqing or
Red blood spots from jelqing or
Lotsa Spotsa? or
Red spots? or
some newb questions or
Small red spots on shaft… or
over 100 red spots, eek! or
Red Spots, Discolorment: Topical Solutions or
Red Spots and Hanging or
Red spots on shaft…not head or
red spots, sometimes purple on the head- good or bad? or
Oh oh, red dots!

You get the idea. Try a search. You’ll find a lot of answers that way.

lilshadow. You should probably stab someone. It doesn’t matter who, just someone. Then do a search for red dots or red AND dots; maybe even dots AND red would work. Or click on the various links near the bottom of this thread that says “similar threads” or something like that, and almost certainly you will find someone with the same problem as you who was told a solution that would apply in your case.

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