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Red dots on the shaft

Red dots on the shaft


I am new here and have been reading for a little bit, great site. My problem is that I just started pumping and after three days I noticed that I am getting tiny red dots like freckles all around the shaft. is this normal? I am pumping to about -5 and staying in the pump for 3-5 minutes then I realeas and massage for 3 minutes and pump up again. Thanks in advance.

I don´t know much about pumping, but I got dots too from jelquing when I was a “newbie” (like one or to weeks PE), but not anymore. They´ll go away in a couple of days.

I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

Consider dropping your pressure to 3 or 4 HG, staying below 5 HG. You may not be “conditioned” enough yet to take the pressure you are using.

There are those who will disagree, but I do not believe red dots are essential, _at all_, to gains nor do they indicate that you are making gains or are about to do so.

These are very small, exploded capillaries. They indicate damage. And they are not the same thing as the “micro-tears” you will read us talking about here. There is no visual evidence of micro-tears on the shaft, or elsewhere.



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