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Red blood spots from jelqing

Red blood spots from jelqing

Hi guys. Ive been PE’ing for abit over 2 weeks now, and unfortunately just recently ive noticed while jelqing i develop a few red blood spots on my shaft. What is the cause of this? Am i applying to much pressure? I try at times applying light to moderate pressure but it doesnt feel like ive worked my penis at all. So if someone has a remedy for this, i would be grateful. Thank you

I would do a search for something like “red dots” there are loads of posts on this topic, I think nearly everyone has had them a few times. Make sure your doing enough of a warm up before jelquing ie hot wrap for at least 5 mins. You could try doing the same after jelquing too but I am not certain wether it helps.Do as much reading as you can and you will find lots of experienced people with posts on this subject I’m sure. The FAQ is always a good place to start.


Don’t worry about the small spots since they are completely normal. If you moderate your workout to avoid them, you’ll probably hamper your gains. I used to get them all the time, but rarely get them now. They usually are gone within half a day anyway.

Hmmm…. just wondering.. is it abnormal not to get any red spots? Cause i haven’t as of yet (being doing pe for 2 weeks). Could it mean that’s i’m not jelqing hard enough?

shonen: if you squeeze too hard and for an extended period, some (really) small bloodvessels will burst, and the blood from those veins show up under your skin.

It is not really bad, but certainly not something to aim for.
Zero red spots is cool. Take it easy and build up slowly!

Also, if you sport and take showers together, or go to a sauna, people will start to wonder. Like: is it contagious? ;-)

Thanks for the help guys.

I get red spots if I lay off from doing PE exercises for more than two days and then resume my same intense workout. After one or two workouts I don’t get them anymore. The red spots go away in a few days but leave a dark brown discoloration on my shaft and head. I have not tried any of the remedies suggested in the forum, but need to start.

Thanks for the input.

I got 1 little red spot today, And I’m glad it will go away, I will stop for Saturday and Sunday and continue on Monday jelqing

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