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Wus good fellas,

I wanted to talk about recovery. More specifically, flushing.

As a personal trainer, I have my athletes flush thier muscle post workout to aid in quicker recovery. This is done via contrast bathes or ice massage. How it works is by limiting the blood flow using a cold modality then increasing blood flow using a hot modality. This flushes the old blood, toxin accumulated and gets new blood in and with new blood comes fresh oxygen and nutrients. This can be used as a cool down at the end of a routine our done prior to bed, whenever. Chronic and acute oxygen depletion is why your members turn black, blue, purple, lack of oxygen.

Guidelines for ice bathes are;
30 sec-2 min in ice water(could use cold pack) followed immediately by 2-3 mins in warm/hot water (hot pack). Repeat 2-3 times.
Ice massage; put a styrofoam/soft plastic cup full of water in freezer. When froze, take out and cut off 1/4 inch of top of cup. Massage in circular fashion for 5-15 mins.
*This guidelines are not specifically for pe, expirement.

Hopefully this helps, it pains me to see yall with something as simple to avoid as hypoxia. Remember, restricting blood to an area for too long will kill the tissue. Be careful and good luck everyone!

LOL. I wonder how many here are willing to lay their manhood in ice. Just to watch it shrink like mad and then have to pull it out of its hiding for a warm wrap. Interesting thought though.

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Or we can just slap a cock ring/weight on our plump dick and put it in ice. Never let it turtle!


Big Girtha cools down with frozen golf weights and a pool. To be honest I tried it today after I read what Big Girth did. Put my unit in ice water. To be honest, no discomfort no shrinkage(not until later). My unit was really worked and hot. I’ll try the cold / hot later tonight.

I’ve filled my bathmate with very cold water and put it on after a 20 minute session. I’ve only done it three times, but I get no shrinkage what so ever. I keep it submerged in the cold water for two minutes. Now we’re not building muscle, so as far as flushing out the old and drawing in new blood, I don’t know. But it seems to actually keep the post pump girth bigger for longer. I think it will lead to gains. Just a gut feeling at this point.

Since I am in a dorm, I can’t really test this out. I may give a try during the summer.

Re-Start 3.10.2011 - BPEL: 6.750" EG: 4.5" | Current 7.3.2011 - BPEL: 7.250" EG: 4.625" | Just made my first 1/2"!

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Try using a cold pack or frozen veggies covered by a thin clothe. Did it tonite and it got much smaller girth wise but not in length. Used a hot pack to get it engorged. Feels better afterward but could be psychological, should have contrasted.more than once

This works better. Tall glass, like the ones for tall draft beers. fill with ice water. Pour some out. You can stand over a tub or something. When you push the lid of the glass against your skin good, it makes a seal. I kegeled while I was doing this.

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