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Recoverable vs. permanent

Recoverable vs. permanent

Hi folks,

I have recently over-worked my penis and the PE went from something that was improving my EQ and giving some slight gains, into something which seemed to cause penile exhaustion, all in the space of three weeks, using the JP’s 90 day beginner routine from pegym. The first sign of which was simply a very strange sensation of simply “feeling” it less, in the most oblique sense possible! Not just my sex drive, but the overall “jolt” that comes with arousal and you know your going to get hard, just didn’t seem to be sparking the same way. This was apparent immediately after one session where I overdid it and immediately decided to take a break and allow for recovery. My erections would come on strong but not remain as easily. I think a lot of it is psychological in truth, but one obvious effect is sometimes having soft-glans - softer than they used to be anyway. When I kegel during an erection it inflates quite visibly and then shrinks again when I stop. There is no physical pain but I am a lot less hornier than I used to be and the erections are not coming as easily. As an aside, I will say that I believe something that should be more greatly investigated is the psychological affects of PE, (spending an hour or two doing anything almost everyday for an extended duration will cultivate certain neurological connections, the root of which - in this case - may well be your deepest insecurities) but this is a separate issue so I’ll write another thread about my views on it at some point.

I have been on a break for almost a week now and it already feels better, I am confident I caught it in time before doing any serious damage. Nonetheless, feedback on what I describe would be appreciated.

Anyway, I have been reading a lot of material on injuries and recovery and I thought it would be useful to get a more general thread going about peoples experiences with how severe the initial problem seemed, compared to how much of a recovery they made from simply backing off for a while. I think what a lot of people, beginners in particular who may have been over-enthusiastic, are often looking to find out if what has happened to them is something that they can expect to recover from through the natural healing process of keeping your hands off your member for a while!

If you have something to contribute, answer the following good and clear so all can see..

What was the problem and how do you believe it was caused?
What lasting physical effects did it have?
Did it fix itself and if so how long did it take?
If not, did you find a solution?
How much of a recovery was made?
Did you masturbate during the break and what effect did this have?
Did you return to PE after the recovery, and what changes did you make to ensure the same mistake wasn’t needed?

As a final warning - I thought I was being relatively gentle (relative to what I don’t know as I realize now I had no idea what the “average” pressure applied was), but seriously - when they say start out easy and be patient, this really can’t be stressed enough (unlike your penis which, as it turns out, can EASILY be stressed enough)! Better to spend 4 months with little effect and gradually increasing time and pressure, than starting too hard and breaking your beloved organ. Don’t be too much of a keen bean. Take it easy!

Cheers chaps!

I once used too much force performing a regular jelq using the standard OK grip. It resulted in a sharp pain or sensation on the right side of my penis approx 1 cm below the glans. It didn’t seem to cause me any real damage or so but scared the living shit out of me and made me stop PE for about six months (lost motivation). I had been doing PE for three months when it happened.

I have recently started PE back up, now using the C or pinch grip (Hubbard-style). I’ll see where it leads me.

As for the JP90 routine, I’ve always thought it was quite intense being a beginner’s routine and all.

Glad to hear it appeared to have no lasting damage for you. I agree that the JP90 did strike me as quite intense for a beginner and my recent experience has reinforced that.

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