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Recommending PE to someone who may still be growing


Originally Posted by sta-kool
If those are flaccid estimates I doubt he has anything to worry about.

Women like to say hurtful things sometimes, even “sweet” ones do so.

They aren’t. Erect, and generous.

Originally Posted by stagestop
You do not mention the age of your younger brother, but if he is young enough there are medical options that may be available to him. Physicians can use both DHT and HCG to help with micropenis. I am not sure that he fits that definition either, but it may be accurate.

I would suggest that you work with your brother now, as the damage seems to have been done already. Confidence as a teenager is a critical component of success, and not just with the opposite sex.

Age wouldn’t matter as long as the person was going through puberty, correct?
I’ve heard of HCG being used for testicle shrinkage brought on by steroid use, but it’s just a testosterone boost - how would that help with micropenis?

Originally Posted by androNYC
This thread again?

Sorry, no definitive answers here- PE isn’t a definitive kind of thing.

I know that it’s been asked before, but the question for me is this: Having seen the opinions that PEing during teen years may give an extra boost, are there any additional risks that might arise from starting at such a young age? If there aren’t any apparent risks, there’s no real reason to not do it.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know what I think about this. Intuitively, it seems like a light routine would not hurt. But I am certainly no expert.

If you decide to go ahead with this, I would suggest something along these lines:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

or Babbis’ newbie routine:

A routine for the beginners to start growing!…rt-growing.html

My observations:

A. If the brother is going through puberty and has the measurements provided, he’s normal.

B. Puberty alone will make him bigger.

C. Unless he’s said something about his size, without prompting from his older brother, then he may not have any problem with his size and should be left alone.

D. Do not suggest any routines. Do not send him to any web sites. Let him make the discovery on his own IF he has a mind to look. Don’t push your insecurities onto someone else.


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