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Recommendation for a semi newbie

Recommendation for a semi newbie


Just measured properly for the first time and my fully erect length is 7.3”. Girth at the base is 5.5” and midshaft is 5.4”.

My target is to be 8”x6.5” fully erect

I tried jelqing before and just stopped as I couldn’t fit it in between girlfriend, study and hitting the gym.

Now I have plenty of time so I’d like a reasonably demanding routine. I heal quite quickly (god knows I take enoguh supplents to help) so I believe I’m up to the task. I don’t (essentially ever) want to use any kind of machine to achieve this.
I know it’s probably not too realistic and I plan to keep this up for as long as needs be but I’d really like to say by the end of August/September say, “hey, look what I’ve got!” (That and squat 180kg.)
Is this achievable with the newbie routine or should I consider Uli’s Routine?

Thanks for any advice you can impart!


If you are just starting or re-starting, I think you should stick to the newbie routine for a while before considering routines involving advanced techniques.

Jumping straight to high pressure exercises may just hurt your non-conditioned penis and slow your gains.

Just IMO, I’m pretty much a newbie too.

6/9/2011 Starting stats: 6.89 BPEL, 5.0 MSEG 5,5 BEG. Short Term Goal : 7.5 BPEL, 5,25 MSEG

Gaining 1” in girth will probably require 2 years. Just to keep things in perspective. You could be lucky and gain easier, of course. Supplements will not make any difference.

I thought as much but for I suppose I’ll cling on to the hope that I’m a fast gainer.

Another question though. Is it a good idea to have sex not long after PE? Hopefully my penis will be up to task but if it’s too sore I’ll have to dodge it and ask her if she’d like to play monopoly instead lol

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