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Recommend a novice stretching routine

Recommend a novice stretching routine

I’ve been jelqing for about a year and I am happy with my girth. I’ve been doing basic stretches, 10 minutes per session, for over a month and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a more advanced routine, now that I am no longer a total beginner to stretching. I’ve had a look at the various different stretches that can be done, but I don’t know which ones to use, which combinations etc.

Are you still getting gains? Then I suggest not upping your workload until your gains stop.

For stretching, have a look at “Mems momentous gain mechanism”, thread by Memento. Don’t take his routine straight off, but try that stretch. Might have to read the entire thread to get a good idea of how-to, though.

regards, mgus

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Add advanced stretches like the invented v stretch and JAI stretches. Also add amazing isometrics, it should be part of any routine.

No I don’t think I’m still getting gains, I gained about 1/4 inch, but feels like I’m not gaining anymore. I had a look at mems routine, does stretching over a cylinder, with it pressed into your ball, really help do you think? I tried it out, and it doesn’t seem like you get much more power, seems OK though. Whats isometrics?

O.K point taken about searching. But can I ask you your opinion on doing v-stretch over a cylinder? Do you agree that that helps

Yes, it will help. Personally I use my wrist but a cylinder will work too, I am sure.

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