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Received my x4 extender Is this right

Received my x4 extender Is this right

So I’m sorry for asking so many questions- but how else am I going to learn?
I have been following the newbie routine. And got my extender in the mail today. My BPEL is 6.65
My BPFSL is 6.5

Girth is 4 soft

So I have it on (yes I’m continuing with basic jelq and manual stretches!) and it’s not a very strong pull- is this normal or should I feel a tremendous pull? Does it use low amounts of traction over long periods of time to cause cellular division?
Please vets help me out!

Feel a very slight pull guess its working thanks!

I will keep updating this thread weekly, as I cannot post in the members area. My routine

Week 1
Morning- stretches 5 minutes
Jelq 15 minutes
Hot pad 5 minutes

Evening x4labs extender 3 hours

Week 2

Morning- same

Evening x4labs extender (+.02Cm) 5 hours

Week 3 morning same except jelq for 20minutes

Evening x4 labs extender (+.08cm ) 7 hours

After this I will need some extensions probably order the .02 cm and keep adding those on

Does that look ok or instead of adding .08 cm in week three I could just add another .02 and wear longer?

IF you’re going to incorporate the ads, I wouldn’t ratchet up the tension. In the first three weeks you probably won’t need to. It’s not about a high amount of tension. Personally I would just worry about the newbie routine for a couple of months. Then work in the extender.

Hmm something to consider although I want to try hanging- but not going to. If I do the ADS (5+hours stretching?) I will not ratchet up tension

Just to be clear. When I refer to ads/extender, it is the same .

" It is always easier to fight for one's principles than live up to them ". ..Adler.

Today some jelq about 5 hours ago- sent to gym (competitive bodybuilder) which I should mention I do manipulate my hormones and use various hormones (prescribed by a doctor) so my testosterone levels are very high, and nandrolone is in my system too. I do not know if this will negate growth(hormone cause testicles to shrink temporarily due to leydig cells dying- not the penis though)

So I notice some bruising on the shaft- I want to stretch again for 3 hours tonight- would you guys recommend taking tomorrow off? Or do jelq but no stretch

And the reason I mentioned hormone manipulation is so you guys have all info on hand

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