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Reasonable gains in girth

Reasonable gains in girth

Start- bpfl/5” fg/4” and +1” each erect

I’ve seen reasonable length gains posted all over but what about girth gains. I would love to get an inch, is that realistic over time?

Over a long period of time, yes. Everyone is different. Some will gain more than that. Some won’t gain squat.

If someone is patient, consistent and determined, they will gain. An inch in girth is typically harder to gain than an inch of length but that makes sense since an inch of girth impacts overall volume more than an inch of length.

But everyone is different. Look at some of Big Girtha’s posts. Do your research and ignore the negative comments.

It does seem to be possible. But a lot, a lot of people seem to gain about 1/2 an inch max. But this could be due to lack of effort/not having “easy girth” attributes whatever they may be.

I believe everyone is capable of 1” gain in girth, with time, consistency, technique and of course, knowledge. Though due to the different physiologies everyone has, the amount of each of these that is needed will vary.

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