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Reason you started PE


Originally Posted by MrSure

Would you be satisfied if you end up adding +2 in. Final.

Hell ya, I’d have an average sized penis then

I started PE because I wanted to improve my penis health. I don’t have any ED or PreE issues but I felt like I wanted more control over my unit. I discovered Jelqing many years ago but didn’t follow through and stopped about 2 weeks in.

About 3 months ago I rediscovered Jelqing and subsequently learnt more and more about PE as a whole. Now it’s part of my life routine and I hope it stays that way. I enjoy the exercises just as much as I enjoy working out in general.

I started Pe because I know I was below average when I started 5 bpel 4 mseg

I’ve always had good Eq and very active sex life, but although my wife never had problems to reach orgasm I knew I needed to get bigger for myself and for her.

So far I’ve been peing for 80 days and have seen some growth, right now I’m at 5,7 bpel and 4,7 mseg.

The only problem is that right now I think I’m kinda stuck in this point, I’ll wait for a few more weeks and if nothing changes I’ll try hanging.

Started PE to go from average to well above average.

Easy explanation for me:

I’m not satisfied, and I want to be satisfied.

Feb 2016 BPEL ?NBPEL 6", EG 5.25

May 2016 BPEL 6 3/4", NBPEL 6 3/8, EG 5.25

July 2016 BPEL 7" NBEL 6 1/2, EG 5.5

Started because I’m just 13 cm long-11 cm width. And I want to reach at least a 17/18 cm in lenght and gain girth too. I know I’m average but to be an average doesn’t feel like I’m giving out the satisfaction I want my woman to feel. I wan’t to be remembered not just for being a great guy, faithful, careful, warm guy, sweet guy, but also for being a great lover with a great tool too. That’s why. It’s a personal goal.

26-Nov-2014 (sin la consistencia que quiero)= Flac: 10 cm. Erection (BP): 14 cm. / NBP 12.9 cm. / Girth (Grosor): 12 cm.

Short term goal (Meta a corto plazo): 15 cm x 13 cm. Final Goal (Meta Final): 20 cm. x 16 cm.

A fetish to fill wife up.

Words of the month: Glycocalyx and Mechanotransduction

Because I’m a wide type body and, I think that my penis should be bigger in relation to my body.

Also I believe that a big penis is an aesthetic thing just like be thin or have an athletic body.

01/02/2010 17,5cm BP x 13,25cm 18/03/2010 18,3cm BP x 13,5cm Rest. = 3,5cm x 3,5cm ---meta---> 21cm BP x 16,5cm=>

02/01/2010 6.89'' BP x 5.1" 03/18/2010 7.2" x 5.3"------goal---> 8.25" BP x 6.5 Left = 1.4" x 1.4" ------goal---> 8.25" BP x 6.5


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