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Really small penis


Really small penis

Hello. I’ve read quite a few threads and haven’t found any that start with a really small penis and I was wondering if there we’re really any out there besides mine. Ha ha. Sometimes I shrink up to about 1” and head covered with skin and I’m cut. Normally I’m about 2” flaccid when not aroused at all but sometimes hangs down about 3 1/2 “. I’m just a little over 5” erect. Any really small ones out there!! Hello!!

P.S. I am really a grown man!

Check out the PE Database. I am sure there are guys your size here.


Hello Me25705

Yes, there are a number of us penily-challenged individuals. I started at 5.75” erect and 4.25” girth and after two months am almost 6” by 4.5”. Check the database at the bottom of any page (PE Data Site).

Just trying to become average.... "There is ALWAYS hope" - Aragorn start 11/25/04 BPEL= 14.7 cm (5.78") EG= 11 cm (4.33")

Over 5” erect from 2” flaccid isn’t that bad, sure it’s not “big” but you’ll get to 6” no problem at all and hang at 3 1/2” flaccid too, you probably have no PC muscle strength I bet.

BTW, Welcome to the forum. This is an awesome place. You’ll get lots of help (as long as you apply yourself some).


Don’t worry, I hear where you’re coming from. I too am pretty small; never really measured, but yours sound very similar to my own (but I’d be surprised if I can break 5” bone-pressed erect). My minimum goal is 7 x 5, but I’ll keep going to get as large as I can.

Originally Posted by Me25705
I’m just a little over 5” erect.

First of all, 5” is not “really small”.

Second, most guys find that, as they start exercising, their flaccid hang is their first thing to improve, sometimes dramatically. Try this out for a few months, and see what happens.


Yeah 1st of all you’ll notice flaccid length and erect/flaccid girth increase, then you gotta pump that PC and you’ll notice erect length gains.


Hola from down the way (Saint Albans, Kanawha Co. here)!

I have the same flaccid problem on and off that you have. For the most part, it went away when I was pumping, but since I haven’t been able to do any pumping as of late, I’ve been turtling a lot more often. I wouldn’t call a 5” erection “really small.” You’re just not big … yet.

Take a look at Lil1’s Progress pics , it’s inspiring. Good luck and stick with it.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Hello all. Thanks for replies and encouragement. I checked out some of the links and data base. I did find some penis even smaller than mine, so at least I’m not alone. By the way, how do you post your stats? Thanks again.

Click the “Personal Home Page” Link when you go to the database site. It will prompt you to enter stats.



As everyone said, you are not small. You are in the average, and the most important, now you have the key to overcome your insecurity.

When I started this, I had the same stats as you. 5.1” BPEL, and after my first month, I reached the 6.0” BPEL. Now I´m waiting for my second month measurements. :)

Of course, with this I´m not saying that you will get the same gains that I had, (maybe more, maybe less, every penis is different) but you have to understand that there´s hope for everyone.

Welcome to thunder´s!

Thanks again, guys. I really appreciate all the help and links.

I remember reading an interview somewhere on this forum of Lex Steel who by the way has a tiny flacid and also a friend of mine from the Army who had a “tiny” flacid that ended up being sigfinicantly larger when erect then my erect size… Besides, it seems that the guys who start at or about your size make gains much faster then others who start out larger…


Hi me257505,

I’m brand new to this PE aswell and to be honest with you I am the same size as you, it is disheartening when you are that size, tell me about it.

But all my advice is just to arm yourself with knowledge and follow the Newbie routine for starters

Today I gave it my first shot, I don’t know what to expect, who knows but I’m sure gonna try.

Good Luck.

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