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Really small penis

my starting size is about 5.5” :P we have units “not so big”.. but not “really small” ^_^’ therefore, relax :) and just keep PEing :D

Welcome aboard ;)

Hate it to break it you but I started smaller than you. I think my best BP was around 4.5” if that. On a more conservative note I would say I started around 4 - 4.3”. Right now I sitting around 7” so you should definitely not feel bad. Granted I have been at this a while, but I got a lot of my length gains from manual stretching and then some hanging. I did nothing magical, just kept my nose to the grindstone and set goals for myself.

I remember when I first hit 5” and was relieved. And then I hit 6” and was very happy. Finally I am at the mythical 7” mark and I knew that I couldn’t settle for less than 9 or 10. However, being that I lost the only picture I had, no one ever likes to believe me about my starting size. However, I am trying to sell you anything or gain credibility. So you should definitely take a picture now and then brag when you hit 8”. :D

Just keep your head up and enjoy the ride - it only gets better from here. Good luck to you and read a lot!

-Tom “The world is not enough” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

Hello, Hog6.5, thanks. No, I’m not really overweight, not much anyway. I’m 5’ 8” and weigh around 175 most of the time. Not a thick fat pad.

Thanks for the encouragement, Tom Foolery, I’ll work on it. I think I would be satisfied with 7”, for now anyway. Ha Ha

Thanks again, everyone.

Don’t sweat it took much mate. I also started at a touch over 5 ” and now I’m sitting over 7.25.
Like my good friend Tom, it was nothing magical, just dedication and perseverance.

If we can do it, so can you!
Good luck!

I am also a 5 incher, been PEing for a month, no gains so far, but I intend to persist.

Hey guys,,,

I also have an average penis I guess, I never measured the girth but the length is about 5.5”, but very strong and firm erection, I have just started PE exercises and hope to gain some length, my goal is about 6.5 in length and that is more that enough for me,,

Let me also tell you guys that during sex penis size may just be 20% of the whole trick, while we are doing our best to perfect that 20%, we should also have an eye on the rest 80%. Satisfying a woman in sex is absolutely an art,, LONG brush or SHORT brush, the important thing is you should know how to make the right stroke..

Thanks guys, iam hoping to get some benefits,

oneking :up:

I’m the same way and I’m about to start the Newbie Routine. This is what the site is all about!

There is plenty of hope if you PE. I was about 4 3/4 BP when I started. Today I checked and I’m clearly over 6! Keep with it, a half hour a day isn’t to much to ask.

I feel your pain

I just finished reading an interview in a popular mens magazine. This interview took place with a few good lookin’ models. The question came up about penis size. ( Here comes the pivital point in my life ) The model said she dumped a boy in high school because his penis was too small. I’m sorry, but size does matter, but even so, not even the most arsehole of a man would not say that in public or in magazine. Ya I’m small too ( 5.5 stretched out and measure from bone. I hate my penis size.But I have seen some remarkable pics from other members that have given me hope. I really do share your pain. It’s hard to feel equal in a world where things are not.

My starting size was 4.5”…*Crickets*

Hey bro’s

Iam on with my routine, I just do wet jelq and that is all about 300 reps with OLIVE OIL as the lubricant,,,

I also have measured my girth and it is 4.5” and length is a little more than 5.5”,,

Let me tell you guys, PE RULZ it is very good, and it produces results, my unit is thicker than before and more firm,

Keep it up everybody,,,,



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