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Really scared all of a sudden


Every time I over trained and got a shitty EQ, I think it was mostly due to jelqing at too hard of a grip, or too high of an erection level, or both. IMO jelqing is probably the most dangerous out of all the PE exercises…even clamping. I actually just did some jelqs a few minutes ago, and I can see how someone could hurt themselves if they were not conditioned or skilled in jelqing, which does require months or even years to get it down right. Why is it so dangerous??? I think you can answer this question with common sense. When you you jelq you are deeply stroking, squeezing, and pulling your entire penis, where as with bends, clamping, or squeezes, you do not. Jelqing needs to be done with caution. Personally, I don’t jelq nearly as much as I used to because of the fear of an injury, since I have gotten minor injuries from jelqing in the past that required up to a week off. Also, none of the other techniques that I have done hurt me or my EQ if my memory is correct. I still wonder to this day if I should jelq at all….the only reason why I occasionally do it is to switch it up and add some intensity to the session, other then that I do not regularly jelq. Jelqing, if done right can be effective for long term PE success, and therefore must be part of a life long PE career, even if you do it twice a month….it is just good to tease the penis with a good jelq once in a while.

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Originally Posted by 19052010
It’s just the few cases which refer to newbie routines and beginners that experience problems even though they insist they were not over doing it. But I guess theres only a few cases. Just for people viewing this thread theres links to some of the injury threads and the advice given to them.

Injury story

But whats the whole troll thing about?

Damn that’s scary! I have had nothing but positive results from PE but to think that an injury like that could happen at any time is horrendous! I’m definitely going to be careful!

Originally Posted by quickbeam1213
Damn that’s scary! I have had nothing but positive results from PE but to think that an injury like that could happen at any time is horrendous! I’m definitely going to be careful!

Getting an injury definitely is a realisation that you should take it very slow and careful
There is a reason people saying less is more.

As it goes for all guys
Don’t make the mistakes so many make by going extra hard extra fast.
You will fuck more up then you want ;]
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I was and still am concerned with injuries. At 48 I am especially cautious because I don’t heal as fast as I did when younger. :(

For those reasons I was very slow to start PE. I lurked for months, reading, reading, and reading so that I understood. I still come on this site just to read and help my understanding and try to help others. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have been doing something you can still learn new information that will impact you in some form.

I also approached doing PE very slowly. I took the “less is more approach” and started at a fraction of the newbie routine and worked up to the newbie routine. I worked on technique on various beginner exercises till I understood what to look for and always looked at EQ and how my penis felt.

I have not set the PE world on fire with my gains. Over the last 2 years of Foreskin restoration (FR) and PE I have gained just over 1/2 inch in length and 1/4 in girth (See my PE Stats). It is not much, and was slow, but it is more than I had before starting and it was done safely. The only injuries I have had were minor skin abrasions. This is mostly do to FR tugging during the day.

I have just started hanging. Again I started very slowly with only 2 lbs and am now at 4.5 lbs by increasing .5 lbs at a time. Some would consider this not worth the time. But again I am learning this advanced technique. I am working on knowledge and form first.

I think PE can be done by most men safely, BUT it is not for everyone. Everyone is different. There is no real way to know how your mind, body, and penis will react to new stress on it until it goes through it. The only way to know is to learn about the activity and start doing it. I know my caution to this is not for everyone, but it has worked for me so far. I hope it helps put injuries vs gains in perspective.

Only you can determine if the potential gains are worth the potential risks. How you balance the two in your journey can only be done by you.

Take care and I hope you reach what ever goals you set for yourself in life,

4Foreskin ;)

Potential survey to newbies minds at ease

Wow this all seems to me like PE is really dangerous and theres a very good chance I could get seriously injured!! It makes me wonder how many other guys have started PE and seen it as a golden ticket without assessing the risks. I’m really unsure now? I think a survey on injury percentage would be useful. Maybe in all the different types of exercises could be included as well as time spent and duration of individual sessions incorporated. I would hope and like this to reveal that the injury percentage is extremely low. This would maybe make people who have experienced similar thoughts to me, be made aware but have peace of mind theres a good chance gains will be made and not injuries. I’d love to start such a survey but am unsure how to go about it. Maybe a moderator may agree with me?

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Well, vote and you can see results. (:

Read the thread also, it is interesting that I preached those who reported ‘permanent injuries’ to give details (expecially if there were objective confirmation) but few of them did.

We actually need guys to post on the poll who’ve pe’d for years to get an actual spectrum of danger

Current size: 19.5cm by 12.5 cm

Short term goal: 21cm by 14cm

Long term goal: 23cm by 16 cm


Make sure you take all the measurements. Pay attention to exactly how you do it and make sure you do it the same way a couple months later. I know this has been said on the site many time, but take it a step further and really pay attention. Remember exactly where you press the ruler for those BP measurements. On BPFSL, do you fully mash the head in to push it as far up the ruler as you can? If you do, be consistent. That way when you see gains happen that seem small, you can intelligently know if it is working. Second thing: take a lot of pictures. Try to standardize the light and how you took them. Take a lot. Even things you don’t think of, like the color, might be something you want to compare later for injury. Don’t freak out over minor red spots - everyone gets them. I’d watch for anything more serious.

Stick to the newbie routine for a month and you probably won’t encounter injury. Give it a shot. EQ is hard to measure accurately, but you will probably see improvements there too. I personally did, but I am not sure on the size increase after two months because I didn’t pay enough attention when doing initial measurements. I didn’t expect it to work. But, I think it is. Good luck.

Agree jelqing is probably the one which can easily get you injured and shoot your EQ down the drain. Personally have experienced it while I did it with too tight a grip or at higher erection! Now would be very careful about jelqing maybe giving it a miss for sometime for better stretches with kegels!

Be conservative, use your brain, question everything, never make sudden changes, increase volume/intensity/frequency gradually, rather do things safer and get slower gains than risking and getting faster gains. If you follow those rules, you’ll be safe.

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