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Really new.

Really new.

I’ve been reading this form for a couple hours if not more, and it’s sounds pretty interesting to do PE, either way I’m interested in it, but no clue we’re to start, as for length and girth I just want it a tad longer and bigger, I don;t know my actual lengths but I know the girlfriend would like some surprises or at least one.

We’re do I start?
We’re can I get more info on this?


Just dropping by to wish you luck on your PE journey to great gains!

Nov '04 EL: 6 7/8" EG: 5 3/8" Dec '04 EL: 7 1/16" EG: 5 5/8" Feb '05 EL: 7 3/16" EG: 5 7/8" Short term goal: 8x6 by this June Long term goal: 8.5x6-6.5

I’m a large ed “big daddy” Roth fan, I do some drawing when I get bored, and I also like his creations on the cars


I love your handle, it brings me back…Good luck in your PE pursuits.

Thanks, I’m going to be gone for the weekend, got stuff to do at home (dig out classic cars again, man snow sucks)


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