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Really Funny South Park

Really Funny South Park

I just finished watching the funniest episode of South Park! All about penis size and the obsession we have with our wieners.
I’m all cramped up from laughing.

I hope posting this isn’t against forum rules.

I’m only 10 minutes in, but I’m glad to see they found the true formula for measuring penis size.

Thunders on Southpark


Is it just me or does the new South Park episode(season 15, episode 4) Seem like a parody of Thundersplace?
Hilarious episode by the way. check it out if you hadn’t already.

And please remember that its not just length that is important. No, The only thing that matters between a man and a woman making love is Length x Girth over angle of the shaft divided by mass over width :)

Liquid c :gulp:

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Was great.

Yet again they hit the nail on the head!


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