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Really frustrated :

Really frustrated :

I was introduced one day to PE by another place(not going to name) and learned the basics, not even sure if I was doing them right. I was always uncomfortable with my penis,
5” just felt so insignificant, I had a few girlfriends and just thinking of their reactions at my little guy when they would start getting it inside them just really brought me down. No one ever said anything but I felt inferior to all the guys with the bigger guys.

I started PE’ing around 4 months ago, I only jelqued for a month and gained .5” in lenght. My 5” increased to a 5”5, I was astounded. I PE’d 2 weeks more before I had to leave to mexico and got “.2 more ending at my erect length 5.75”. Man, I was up in the clouds at that time. For my warm up and warm down I use a shower but Mexico was WAY to ****ing hot to ever do that so I decided to stop and just left it at that. I was there for a month and when I returned I measured my dick and it was back to 5”5, but I wasn’t going to give up I was going to recover my 2” and more. <— End of month 3

————Anyways I’m new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself to everyone and that’s just my story so far :) I’m really happy to be part of the forum and nice to meet everyone here with the same goals as me———- k introduction done :)

Now to the problem

I just restarted the whole PE again at 5”5 and after reading a few of the newbie routines for beginners I figured out I had been doing it all WRONG. It’s been a month and my measuring day is tomorrow yet it feels like it hasn’t grown at ALL! When I came back from mexico and restarted I figured I should go where I left off and was doing 250 ish jelqs and I would do them with hard squeezes I ended up going all the way to 400(when I came to my realization of my mistake), when I stretched I would do 70 on each side, up, left, right, down, straight and then dry jelqs 60 from bottom to mid, and 60 from mid to top (I hated dry jelqs I have no clue if I’m doing them right). I would then finish up the routine with 5 holds for 15 seconds. My little guy would look a little bigger after I was done, then I would take a shower and after it, it would go back to mini size. I’m starting to regret my choices now I was going so extreme the entire time and every time I PE’d again I would increase the jelqs by 10. I guess I pretty much destroyed all the gains I could of had.

For my last week(before the measurement which is tomorrow) which is now I’ve decided to go newbie and just do wet jelqs and do 70 of them VERY slowly, like a 8 second each and do 50 stretches to each side and maybe 3 holds and stop.

Sorry if it sounds very complicated but I’m very lost, I’m starting to get dissapointed since I feel like I already killed all my initial gains by doing so much at once but I never felt I was doing too much. I never got any red spots or soreness, my penis took it easily so that’s why I kept increasing it but I feel it was a stupid decision now.

Please help me out guys, I have the motivation but seeing this it kind of kills my hope.

Anyways it’s great meeting everyone and yeah end of my first newbie post :)

Your initial gains are still there. I recommend the newbie routine with those slow 8 seconds jelqs you were describing. You have had some good gains. Just start over. With a lighter routine and build up again. Don’t measure tomorrow the anticipation will shrink your willy a bit. Wait tell your more relaxed and anxious.

Penis size fluctuates depending on weather, mood diet stress and all that.

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Keep reading at thunders, you’ll be alright. Try sticking to the newbie routine for a couple of months without deviating. Pay attention to any PI’s and NI’s. Obviously the NI’s are an indication of to much activity. Your gains will come with persistence and consistency. Best of luck to you. If you need motivation go read personal progress threads. These are usually very inspirational and do help.

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Hey buddy, chill out man!

You have not made it impossible to gain. Your fine. Don’t worry.

When I just started PE I did the same thing - went way too intense too early. It happens to lots of people.

Just take a few days off and then start over, like kingpole said.

Best of luck!

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