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Really flimsy flaccid

Really flimsy flaccid

These past couple weeks, I have noticed that sometimes my flaccid will become really flimsy, to the point where it feels like there is absolutely no blood inside it. I could try an O-bend and it will just double over on itself with no expansion. It doesn’t turtle - sometimes this happens with a somewhat engorged flaccid even. Not really sure what’s going on. Feels like someone turned down the pressure gauge real low. Haven’t seen any gains in a while.

I think that it could be one of two things:
-Overtraining, my threshold is pretty low. Overall EQ seems to be a bit worse than usual.
-I’ve been working out again after a long hiatus, maybe some blood is being diverted to other parts of my body? My blood pressure is slightly on the low side.

Interested in seeing if anyone has had the same problem.

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I think your best bet is tose a doctor and ask for a test for blood pressure, and if low get a presciption to cure it.

Alternatively go to a chemist (drugstore ) and ask for any non-prescibable drugs they may have for the condition.

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You could also have been overworking it

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Yeah I do feel my blood pressure is not too low that it would cause this, as my flaccid has never been like this until maybe 2 weeks ago. Has anyone ever experienced this from overtraining?

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