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Really don't know how to do kegels.pls help

Really don't know how to do kegels.pls help

I’ve been doing PEs but I don’t know how to do kegels.. They said I’ll squeeze the BC muscle but I can’t locate it. Is it the muscle under the testicles? Then what is the proper way to squeeze it?is there a video? Thnx a lot


Welcome to the forum. Your next thing to do (before posting again) should be to read the Forum Guidelines. These will tell you that using ‘pls’ for ‘please’ and using ‘thnx’ for ‘thanks’ are not acceptable, amongst other things.

It would be very hard to show on a video. The easiest way of locating the BC is this. If your penis moves when you are contracting you probably have the right muscle; if you can stop your flow of urine by contracting, you definitely have the right muscle.

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I am sorry for my mistake. Anyway, thanks a lot!

Tighten your bum hole :) A kegel :)


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