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Reality of measuring BPEL.

Originally Posted by onenekkidguy
“yeah, bone to bone is the way to grind!”

Now, if only that was a t-shirt.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

true, grinding will get as much as possible in there, however, a ruler is a much smaller object and easier to shove into the fat pad. Smaller object = more force. Even though your body will give its not going to give as much as a ruler shoved as hard into your fatpad will read out. If it helps you sleep at night thinking shes getting 1/4” extra, good for you, not like that little extra truly matters but we’re all obsessed with fractions around here

8 nbp| x |5.8"

Stats|:mwink: |Pics!

I can't stand Diet Coke. Does anyone know where I can see pics of a girl with a regular Coke can up her ass? - Chad66 (:

Hpfsl = Bpfsl - 0.2

Okay, curiosity just beat laziness, and HPFSL has been measured - for the first time ever, I guess.

(That’s hole pressed flaccid stretched length - seems to me the fatpad difference should be analogous whether or not the dick’s hard.)

I used a pair of hedge clippers to cut a dick-width hole into the centre of an old CD. Then I measured my flaccid stretched length with a ruler whose length was perpendicular to my body and whose face was perpendicular to the floor (that is, like a domino on its edge instead of laid flat) with the ruler’s end placed: <1> directly on the skin above my shaft (standard BPFSL), <2> against the surface of the CD while it was around my dick (HPFSL), and <3> with no CD, directly touching the skin without pressing (NBPFSL - not a commonly taken measurement, and kind of meaningless for me since it seemed to stop at turkeyneck instead of normal skin surface, but the relation between it and BPFSL was similar to my NBPEL/BPEL).

Result: HPFSL is 0.2 inches less than BPFSL - at most, and that’s not counting the width of the CD - while NBPFSL is one full inch less than BPFSL.

So, assuming I had a girlfriend with a similar fatpad, it seems we’d have 0.4” less than my BPEL to work with - but nowhere near as low as my NBPEL (which is over an inch less than my BPEL).


Science just happened.

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