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Does all this stuff really work? Has anyone had any dramatic gains from anything? Please let me know your stories!

Hello ksun83,

Welcome to Thunder’s place. You are so going to get into trouble around here if you do not know how to use the search button. Make a search for what you want to know. This subject has been beaten to death around here.

Cheers Padawan.

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Mods, can you put the “Start Here >>>NEWBIE ROUTINE<<<” sticker to be actually the first topic in the list? (just like in the hangers forum).

Newbies tend to ignore it as it is.

Ksun, welcome to Thunders. As the guys mentioned above, get to use the search button and hit the Newbie Routine for awhile to see if it really works. What do you have to lose?

From personal experience, I can assure you it definitely works. I was a bit of a sceptic but I realized nobody is trying to sell you anything here. Then I started seeing the gains. I gained about a 1/2” in the first couple of months then slowly gained another half inch in length within a year. Everybody is different you may get more, you may get less. You never know. Give it a go and see what happens.

Good luck

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ksun83, read and search all you can. Educate yourself and give it a try. Nobody can make it work for you, its something you have to find out yourself. Good luck if you decide to give it a go!

Lurk around the forum, there are a lot of stories by members for you to read.

Originally Posted by iDare
Mods, can you put the “Start Here >>>NEWBIE ROUTINE<<<” sticker to be actually the first topic in the list? (just like in the hangers forum).

Newbies tend to ignore it as it is.

iDare, that would not be a good idea for topics are being ignored permanently for some mysterious reason as soon as they get stickied. Besides, the newbie routine is already on top of this subforum’s thread list in the announcement area. :)

ksun, in short: yes, it works. I speak from experience.

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You will not see if it works or not unless you try it, do yourself a favor and try the newbie routine for a decent amount of time and see if it is real or no. Also read , you will be able to find lots of success stories in the forum.

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Check out the members pics section. Especially Shunga, lil12big1 and ThePapSmearster for 3 examples.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I will try it out and post my gains. Thanks again.

I’ve gained almost an inch and I’m pretty lazy compared to most guys here. If a doctor ever told me this stuff didn’t work I would laugh in his face. Good luck man, if you read up and do it right you will gain.

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