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Realistic target

Realistic target

So now that I’ve given more detail on my stats (See signature), does my target seem a realistic one?

The length goal is within the realm of possibilities. The straightening the curve part may be. I haven’t see too many (a few, not many) success stories regarding curve straightening here. As far as girth is concerned you’re already at what might be called optimum. Six point five is about as big as you can go and still receive oral. The few who attain seven inches girth tend to be limited to vaginas (not much chance of anal or oral).

If you want decent oral don’t go past 6, thats just going to really discourage head-givers.

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Originally Posted by gameofinches
If you want decent oral don’t go past 6, thats just going to really discourage head-givers.

Yep that is correct for the upper part of your penis. But I want to add that it is possible to have 6.5 or 7” girth on your mid shaft and base and still receive blow jobs.

What is the “easy-inch”? I came across the term around here somewhere and if there is an easy inch then once I lose my fat pad I should be close to my length goal.

I think I will try and keep girth growth limited to the lower-mid shaft. My 6” girth is in the upper-mid shaft and it gets thicker towards the base but it is just under 6” at the head.

I would really like to straighten out the curve unless it does give some kind of “effective” girth, like a theory suggested that I read around here.

In all trth man if you would just loos weight and stretch you could maybe reach your goal in 6 month to an year. The only thing that is holding you back from being 9” NBPEL is the fact that you have a 2” fat pat.

I don’t think the fat pad is quite 2”. Keep in mind that the 9” is measuring bone-pressed on the longest SIDE of the shaft not along the top. :)

Any ideas on the “easy inch” or the “effective girth” anyone?

Haha yeah I didn’t think you had THAT much of a fatpad! What is your bpl for along the top?

7” and 6/8ths. So near enough 8” BPEL along the top. :)

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