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Realistic goals


Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
Calm down Cantlook,
How about a little respect in your posts for once in your life, for anyone other than yourself. I know you worked hard to grow your cock as well as that chip on your shoulder, but you don’t have to take your frustrations out on me. It’s just makes you look desperate for some kind of validation you’re not getting in your own life.

Wow, you must have quite the window into my personal life.

If you can not bring yourself to accept the possibility that your new extreme approach is not going to be right for everyone, or maybe even not right for most, then I am done discussing this with you because I’m wasting my words.

I believe I have always posted in a respectful manner as I have the utmost respect for this forum and all it’s members, until they behave in a way that no longer deserves my respect.

If you have something to bring to the table then bring it, and if people think it’s worth a try they will try it, if it works you’ll go down in history. Until then it’s just speculation.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Originally Posted by Jawbone
I think the main message here isn’t that you can’t achieve your goal, but expecting a continuous 0.25 inches in length a month is crazy. I’ve only seen one person that was doing about 0.1 inches a month and according to his records he was doing 2 hours of PE a day and supplementing pretty heavily. Maybe TheGreatDivider has some great ideas and theories that really do work - I’d like to hear them in another thread. I have my own outside-the-box theories too… have you seen my tube with wires coiling around it or thoughts and experiments with vibration and lymph fluid buildup? Tons of ideas and thoughts; LOT, PI’s, they’re all theories and were new and crazy once, and there’s lots of crazy people here still (like you). The newbie routine was challenged and revised a bit and everyday people walk through department stores and think how a dremel could assist them in their PE routine. Yeah there’s lots of people that are chasing the holy grail of PE.

Probably the best thing I learned though was to actually love where I’m at now. That it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and if you need to gain 0.5 inches by tomorrow there’s a lot missing from your life and it’s probably a good time to sit down and reevaluate your motivations. This is a lifelong journey, as with a lot of things in life.

Thanks Jawbone for the average information you provided, as well as for your “big picture” view of the ever changing aspects of PE.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Originally Posted by Jawbone
So what is realistic?

A lot of people have gains that come easier in the first few months than the rest of their PE career..
And perhaps if you start when you’re going through puberty you’re going to see the most ‘gains per month’ compared to older users.

I took 65 entries from the PE database and analyzed them over the course of their PE careers.

Average Length/Month 0.1048
Average Girth Gain/Month 0.0614
Count Entries 65

Average Total Length Gain 0.655
Average Total Girth Gain 0.291

MAX Length Gain 1.937
MAX Girth Gain 1.250

Percentiles (Total length Gain)
95% 1.6700
80% 1.1050
70% 0.7500
60% 0.6700
50% 0.5000
25% 0.3000

Percentiles (Total Girth Gain)
95% 0.7000
80% 0.5000
70% 0.4146
60% 0.3124
50% 0.2500
25% 0.1000

Percentiles (length/month)
95% 0.4792
80% 0.1509
70% 0.1098
60% 0.0745
50% 0.0588
25% 0.0221

Percentiles (girth/month)
95% 0.1644
80% 0.0584
70% 0.0487
60% 0.0362
50% 0.0262
25% 0.0073

Percentiles (length of recording)
95% 1917.2000
80% 799.8000
70% 561.6000
60% 384.2000
50% 304.0000
25% 140.0000

So is gaining 3/8 (0.375”) of length and girth in 3 months realistic?
- For length, if you’re in the 70-80th percentile, absolutely. And you have an advantage of just starting.
- For girth, unless you’re in the 95th percentile, not likely.

Yo I didn’t get this.
Total length gains 97% 1.67 inches?
So like nearly all the people got total 1.6?

Lol, I have totally misread the data could someone explain?


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