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Realistic goal for a one month routine

Realistic goal for a one month routine

I do jelq once in a while, slow squeezes holding a grip at the base and with a 60-70% erection, I have to say that generally it looks working on the vascularity but given I have already some girth and lacking length I would like to work on the second other than just the first.
My problem is into following long schedules, let’s say I would like to try a one month schedule, is it enough to see some result and which kind of exercise should I do to accomplish some of my length goal?


It’s impossible to say. If you read a bit on this forum, you will find that some people can’t gain anything in 3 months, while others gain half in inch in one month. I do, however, see a lot of people gaining around .1-.2 in the first month, but those are the people that are completely new, so they are newbie gains. Since you have already done some previous PE, your penis may be more conditioned to it and result in less of a gain. I don’t know what your goals are, but you should be happy to get a .1 increase in length after a month. To work on length, use a lower % erection level on jelqs as you have already stated, and do those stretches that work on your ligaments and lengthen your penis.

Work hard, but DO NOT OVER TRAIN! That will completely set back all you have worked for!

You may or may not see results at the end of the month. No one can say but you won’t know unless you try, right? For length work, lots of stretches and different types as well. A and V stretches I’ve found very effective. Normal stretches (SU, SO, SD, Left and right), fowfers, jai’s; all will hit length. Jelqing is still fundamental even for length work so you’ll need that as well. Just take a few weeks to play around with different exercises until you find what works the best for you. After you have completed the newb routine, you should have picked up enough knowledge to know how your dick behaves to different exercises and base a new routine off that knowledge.

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