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Ready to start clamping

Ready to start clamping

Hey guys, I think I’m ready to start clamping, but I’m abit worried about thrombosed veins and injuries.
Is clamping as simple as it seems? Just work myself hard, snap on the clamp to trap the blood and leave on for about 10 minutes?

Are there anyways to minimise the risk of injury?
How many 10 minute sessions a day would be the ideal?


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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

However, don’t even think about Clamping unless you’ve been PEing for at least 3 months, otherwise your penis will not be conditioned enough and you will run a very high risk of injury.

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What he said, and start with 5 min. intervals at light to medium pressure. I.e., take it very, very slowly and gently in the beginning.

Is it possible to see flaccid gains while clamping as well?

Originally Posted by Peter123
Is it possible to see flaccid gains while clamping as well?


Clamping can be dangerous no matter how careful you are, but your chance of seriously injuring your penis is greatly reduced when you take things slow, have patience, and don’t over do it. Your starting routine should be very mild so you can ease into things.

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