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Ready for it?

Ready for it?

In my quest for knowledge in PE (and basically everything else) I have run into a road block. I am reading a lot about “being ready” be it for clamping, or more intense routines. Is there basically a set time when we are ready to move on to the next level? Say 3 months of the newbie routine and you can add in something or try something new. The reason I ask, aside from just being curious is I am curious about clamping as I am currently shooting for the “perfect dick” of 8x6 (from what I have been reading) I am currently 7.5 bpel and 5.2-5.5 depending on how “excited” I am. I believe if I follow the newbie routine further I could reach it but may need help for the girth part.

I am in no rush to do this but would like it asap, but again no rush :) . I started PEing in March 2008, then had to take a break because of a hectic time in my life. I am not sure how long I took a break from PE’ing but it was a couple months. I started up 2 weeks ago so what I am looking for is there a recommended time to go through before clamping?

I hope that wasn’t to much of a bore for those of you who have read it. Also I did search for my as I do with all my other ones but could not find a good answer so I am making a rare thread in hopes of finding the answer. Thank You.

Starting stats: 7.17" x 5.24"

I would also like to mention that if anyone thinks I could add something to help with making gains I would be open to the suggestions and would look into the routine, exercise etc. I am currently just doing the basic Newbie Routine yet.

Starting stats: 7.17" x 5.24"

Probably the best course to follow is continue until you are not making any further gains then consider the next step - Pumping, Hanging etc. That way you will get then full benefit of the routine , also it will strengthen your unit to take the more advanced exercises.

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