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Read This First: Warning To Newbies

Many thanks for this.. Something to keep in mind, defnitely!

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I’ve been doing the newbie routine, adding 3 mins every week up to 30 mins of jelqing this week, for two months. I’ve noticed my morning wood is gone, but my EQ seems fine. Is this normal? I’m also taking some suppliments.

I am new to PE. I’ve read this thread today and its quite worrying.. But what about regular masturbation.. Some people masturbate between 3 and 10 times aday and apply significant force on the penis.. For years and years.. A penis is designed to withstand quite alot of abuse in its lifetime (swimming in cold rivers, hot Jacuzzi, sex, masturbation, sleeping on it, getting soccer ball kicked at it and WHAT NOT.). Maybe what these people have is a TICKING TIME BOMB.. If the valves are in such a fragile state, surely eventually at some point, the penis will FAIL, whether through PE, masturbation, random injury or whatever.. Do we have anymore information on this?

*When I say PE, I’m exclusively talking about jelqing

Would it make sense to grip the penis in such a way as it doesn’t exert too much pressure on the dorsal vein?

Offering my two cents, though this is only post number 3 for me.

I feel like this thread is important, as a thorough knowledge of the risks involved is a key part of making the decision to do (or not do) something, like attempting PE. That said, it’s easy to fall into a panic when you think that there is a non-zero probability that your dick will stop working from something that appears safe.

Because panicking about your dick is totally understandable, and because a thorough description of risks is of the utmost importance, having some measured reasoning about what exactly is going on in these cases seems crucial. For this, I think everyone should read at least the first post of the threat memento linked to above. It offers some great perspective. Also remember that for most of us medical language can sound TERRIFYING but describe something normal. For example: a paper cut can be called a “dermal rupture” without being technically wrong.

That is not to say don’t be concerned; above all take care of your dick. Just be thorough, rational, and don’t panic.

My thoughts:

The genesis of this thread seems to be that some newbies after trying jelqing (or the newbie routine) for the first time experienced sudden, persistent ED. In light of that it seems like there have been two hypotheses put forward:

(1) Natural, genetic valve deformations that cause vascular tissues to be much weaker than they would be normally. This weakness means that valves that normally would not rupture due to PE do, in fact, rupture, causing long-lasting impotence.

(2) Venous leakage resulting from trauma.

I have some doubts about (1). I have two arguments. The first is evolutionary: depending on scale, a species that has any significant probability of malformed genitals - at least malformed in a way that sex and masturbation could lead to permanent impotence is unlikely to survive. I know that congenital penile deformities exist, but the idea of having an apparently functioning dick that will randomly one stop working one day doesn’t make much evolutionary sense. Of course, I could be wrong.

The second is that if this disease DOES exist with some non zero probability, modern urology would know about it and have a better way to test for it.

For those who contend that this does exist I have some thoughts: it would be interesting to know the ages of those reporting the PE-induced impotence. If they’re older guys who are smokers, out of shape, etc. Who already have some vascular issues, this could just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, not the proximate cause of their issue. There are so many potential causes of ED (again, see the post memento linked to) that supposing an undiscovered defect seems unlikely.

For me, the plethora of possible causes & contributing factors makes it hard to accept that the disease exists. It also feels like an over simplification to think of PE as flipping a coin that, 99.9999% of tosses comes up without sudden, incurable impotence.

Hypothesis (2) seems plausible, particularly in light of this (surprised this hasn’t been posted yet) and this:…is/art-20045363. That said, Sue Johnson’s urologist doesn’t seem to think jelqing can cause major harm: The fact that jelqing CAN hurt you is not news. It seems to be that this particular kind of hurting you (impotence ex nothing, if you will) is what is new.

If you’re very worried, if you can, go to a urologist and tell them about jelqing, and ask for their own thorough assessment of the risks. If you can’t see if you can contact a urologist online.

I don’t want to belittle or demean those who have an injury. If you’re dick stops working and a bunch of people say “that’s because you did it wrong,” you’re going to feel shitty.

All that said, can we maybe come up some action items for people suffering from this weird condition? What are the best next steps if you try the newbie routine and this happens to you? I’ll leave that to the vets.



For those suffering with glans not getting hard along with the rest of the penis, this thread may be of some interest: DMSO + Iodine Experimental Treatment for Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid

With that also read this:,39.0.html It’s very informative. The Peyronie forums are pretty informative when it comes to healing, even if it is focused on one particular kind of injury.

DMSO carries a lot of things through the skin, most of which you don’t want entering your tissues. On page four of the Peyronie forum link you can find a list of potentially therapeutic substances that can and cannot be transported through the skin. As always, read and be careful. DMSO is not a medically recognized treatment.

Originally Posted by daviddeangelo
Maybe what these people have is a TICKING TIME BOMB.. If the valves are in such a fragile state, surely eventually at some point, the penis will FAIL, whether through PE, masturbation, random injury or whatever..

I think that you are probably right.

al up fine and in a few weeks are back at it much wiser for the experience. WE have guys gain from freaky, overly intense routines that would break most guys pee-pees for ever.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

On some further consideration, venous leakage seems like the only culprit here. I would love to see some age data on these cases, as it seems like venous leakage tends to happen to younger men. Maybe these are cases of the onset of venous leakage happening at an accelerated pace because of jelqing.

What if there was a minimum suggested age for PE, say 25? It would allow PE practitioners to fully develop their tissues before beginning to modify them, running less risk of permanent injury?

I know this is a big and radical suggestion, but it’s just an idea that may protect some younger newbies.


Hey I think I may have this problem. Can anyone Private Massage me please. An experienced person who can understand and advice me to get to know and heal what’s wrong with me. Please taxt me whomever think can help me. I feel so bad

Start a thread.

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I never started a thread but let me try to. Thanks

Damn! This is really scary!

I was already concerned about PE safety before reading this now I worry even more.

Is it possible to go to a urologist and get an ultrasound to see if the valves are okay or is this not possible?

And if a person had bad valves then would wearing a cock ring also cause problems?

And what about stretching exercises where you do not jelq? Are they safe or also dangerous?


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