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Read This First: Warning To Newbies

I’m not necessarily a newbie. But I’ve def never heard of this issue. Definitely makes you think.

After reading this post, I sure will do it progressively.

Do you think this defect was caused mainly by jelqing?

Would stretches trigger it, if say you were one of the lucky few who were susceptible?

Or maybe it’s the other way around, mainly caused by stretching. Maybe pulling too hard caused it.

All we can do is guess though, I think. It’s a shame but I won’t be put off. I’ll just be more careful

Originally Posted by hylvl
After reading this post, I sure will do it progressively.

Ditto! It seems like quite an elusive, irritating sort of thing in that you can’t catch it before you begin. :P

Originally Posted by sameoldscam
This is a scary thread indeed. I’ve been reading up on PE for a bit now, but I’m completely torn as to whether or not I’m going to start doing it. I am a tad insecure about having an undersized unit, but man.. After reading this I’m starting to think it’s better than nothing right? I get all squeemish reading this stuff :s

Same but if it’s a really low risk, it’s still worth the potential for returns as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve never read this before. Kinda scary, but I’m sure I’d have noticed adverse affects by now. :) I’m guessing all my exercise helps with my dick health also. ;)

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I didn’t know that.

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I just read this entire thread and I was thinking, if this problem is mainly triggered because of the pressure of blood leaving the penis creating issues with the valve. But with jelqing all you are doing is pushing the blood that is already in the penis forward and then it leaves. So I don’t see how that alone could be creating issues it sounds more like there are other issues involved possibly from careless PE, possible more towards exercises that are creating intense back pressure such as a cock ring where it is going in but not out and then the sudden flow out is creating the issues. Chime in if this makes since at all.

This is why I keep jelqing to a limit.

For now, the beginner routine is doing just fine! Also listening the importance of safety first, and asking questions before trying it out yields perfect results.

This valve that resides in the main vein..

Now sticking to regular newbie exercises, can this valve be damaged by regular jelqing exercises as far as duration is concerned, like over time ?

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I read this interesting and scary thread and went through several stages of panic. It is good information to have and thank you to the senior members here who try to guide us dunbass newbies through our trials and tribulations!

I did something stupid last week-tried clamping after only doing the newbie routine for a few months. I now have some discomfort on the bottom side of my dick and some discoloration. I still get morning wood and he pain isn’t there all the time, it almost feels like trapped pressure and slight pain on the inside ‘cord’ of my dick.

That along with this thread has me a little worried. I have stopped all pe and will see what happens but I am wondering if others have had this issue as well.

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Definitely not try clamping again would be my answer to your question.

I think clamping is for the guys that have been doing PE for years, and know the in’s and out’s of it.

Guys I’m in a state of fucking panic reading this..

I think I possibly have venous leak to start with. Right I am in a relationship with a woman since I first (roughly) became sexually active - I am bored and never found her that sexually attractive to start so I know that doesn’t help but..

I don’t think I have gotten and maintained an erection in years (I actually don’t want to think how long.. My morning wood is piss poor.. Firmish but certainly not hard and no where near erection potential. It is very infrequent and only when I need to piss.
*I never get nightwood (that I am aware of)
*Even porn can’t give me a solid erection - I rarely get a proper hard on
*I constantly lose erection when having sex or masturbating
*The only time I feel a strong erection is when I am about to come (and certainly not always).

I am certainly the kinda dickhead who can’t help giving himself physiological problems that seem to start psychologically - so perhaps that is the case here. Anyway I think I need to get this checked out

Can someone who knows something about PE induced cases, either through TP or elsewhere, tell me if PE can make existing problems worse? Please only let me know if you actually have knowledge here.

I don’t want to give up PE as I really like it, I did seem to be getting slightly better EQ which I was delighted with but it has stopped again and now worsened if anything

Thanks for the heads up.

Sex – diet – activity. Primitive man had sex with real women, he did not fap to porn. Primitive man ate a healthy diet, he did not have candy and soda. Primitive man killed animals with his bare hands, he did not play video games.

Wow.. I was about ready to begin attempting to PE until I came across this thread.. Seriously, wtf? I don’t feel like doing this anymore. Motivation = killed.

Am I out of the danger zone if I’ve already tried jelqing twice before and did it at least for over a month on both occasions, probably over two months? I remember that on the first time some red spots appeared on the shaft and erection wasn’t very hard, but few days rest corrected the issue. It was very early on, appeared only after few days.

I went as far as doing 400 strokes and only effect I remember is harder erection. I Also did the newbie routine stretches.

But still not sure whether I try again after reading this.

“If the veins in the penis cannot prevent blood from leaving the penis during an erection, an erection cannot be maintained. This condition is known as a venous leak. Venous leakage may occur with vascular disease, but it also can occur as a result of poor muscle relaxation of the penis. Difficulty with smooth muscle relaxation of the penis can occur with diabetes or with Peyronie’s disease, a condition that results in the buildup of scar tissue of the sheath surrounding the erection tissue (corpora cavernosa). Venous leak also can occur when neurological diseases or high levels of anxiety are present because these conditions can prevent adequate smooth muscle relaxation.”


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