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Read This First: Warning To Newbies

I’ve read through the thread but can anyone give a number on the amount of people who have had a venous leak AFTER starting PE?

One night horror


I’ve been doing PE for more than 1 year with long breaks. Started from jelqing - about 2 months. Then hanging about 2 months. Recently I’ve been doing clamping for 2 months with 2 week break.

2 days ago I was doing regular clamping exercise (for more than one week according to method introduced in (SCAM) Gone from average to monster (7 inch girth)!). But I could get good erection level (I was always doing it at about 90% erection level). I remembered that there’s some small percentage of people with some problem (venous leak) that PE can spoil everything in their situation. So read it in this forum. I was in panic that night and went through trauma. My unit was totally flacid and nothing could get it in upright position. I thought I got venous leak through PE.

Because I had bought some viagra for try - I took one - as a last try. After half hour my unit was waking up. So I put some porno on. And I had my cock rock hard for the next hour without ejaculation. It was almost as big as while clamped and seemed to be longer. Probably I have never had 100% erection in my life. I was bored - went to sleep - I could - I woke up and done 12min long sprint run to ejaculate - my cock was still quite hard.

In the morning I had usual erection and it was quite hard. But despite of this I’m still in worry. I’m afraid of having ‘venous leak’. I’ve also read that viagra could not help guy with ‘venous leak’.

Do you think that those good indicators (hard cock after viagra) can ensure me that everything is ok. Should I continue clamping - I don’t do it since that time. I started also have fear that 1 hour erection through viagra could make problem bigger - I don’t know because I stopped doing anything with my penis.

Will be grateful for opinions


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Ok than, lets do it!

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I’m sure there are men out there with this condition, and it is real.. However I am certain there are more men out there that will read this thread and catastrophize and put themselves through hell at the thought of having this condition when they most likely do not. I haven’t been on these boards long and I do not know a lot about PE, however, I do know quite a bit about psychology. There will be infinitely more people worrying and not being able to get erections because of psychological issues than anything else. I also have had erection and sexual appetite issues with various medications.

If it makes anyone feel better, myself included.. I imagine if you were going to have this problem it would occur during rough sex or something of that sort if you weren’t PEing. For younger guys like myself, I’d rather know about it now and be able to deal with it then have a broken dick at 40.

Just my thoughts.

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Originally Posted by marky777
Very interesting.

I can’t even hand clamp. If I do so, after about 30 secs, I get a pain in (what feels like) one of the blood vessels in my glans. As long as I don’t clamp, I’m OK.

But… I have a special version of girth exercise that is a cross between a Slinky and an O-bend. I do this with a rubber-like semi-erection. This exercise produces unbelievable pressure. When I first did it, I got the same pain as mentioned above. So now, I always do this exercise with a tight grip round my glans so that it can’t expand. I put my whole glans in my fist, and keep the grip pressure high, so that the pressure in the shaft can’t expand my glans. I never get pain as long as I do this.

Yes, we need to tread carefully. Some guys can abuse the shit out of their dicks all day long. I only need 90 jelqs 3 times a week. Any more and my EQ goes down.

Good work Sparkyx.

I got a very bad injury from jelqing hard and hand clamping. It took me years to heal. For months I wouldnt even get erections and was in pain all the time. My penis was discolored all the time, was always bluish/purple. It took over 2 years for me to get over the injury but very very very fortunate for me that it did heal on its own. I made some good life changes as a result like adopting a new healthy and mostly organic diet. I thought that might help it heal faster, Im still stuck with my small 4” penis but Im too damn scared to do PE again. There are serious dangers to being an overzelous newbie, if I had been patient I would have probably made all sorts of gains by now and not hurt myself. I also want to tell people it is possible to recover from some crazy injuries too. For a long time I was so depressed, I thought Id never have a dick again.

Scary story :(

This is a scary thread indeed. I’ve been reading up on PE for a bit now, but I’m completely torn as to whether or not I’m going to start doing it. I am a tad insecure about having an undersized unit, but man.. After reading this I’m starting to think it’s better than nothing right? I get all squeemish reading this stuff :s

I too think that from a psychology standpoint some people need to take a serious mental inventory on how they would handle the consequences. It’s similar to plastic surgery. Those who are affected enough by something they want to fix go through extreme measures and end up being worse off. By our similar thought processes we are more susceptible mentally to not be able to deal ED issues to begin with given our own insecurities. I guess everyone has to weigh their risks and slow and steady wins the race.

This is some really scary stuff.. But at the same time I almost want to call bullshit. It seems like everyone is out to ‘debunk’ PE and try and make it look like it’s all a big scam. Could this be an effort by pharmaceutical companies to try and scare people away from natural enlargement and into pharmaceuticals?

How many people in all community had this? This is kinda worrying, but the risks seems to be less than 1% compared to all.

I’m informed as well as really scared…

Originally Posted by Shimarts
the risks seems to be less than 1% compared to all.

Way less. Kinda like winning the lottery but in a bad way.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Ok.. I guess the ‘main vein’ in my dick, the one that goes up the right hand side of it, it seems like it is uh.. Shattered, or ripped maybe? Splintered? I think I definitely damaged my unit somehow, but this was long ago, several years ago, and things have been fine since (damn cocaine.), but I’m wondering if this is the type of thing you guys are warning about?

I am just asking, because it is visibly apparent, but I will probably proceed with PE regardless. I believe any healthy activity done in moderation and properly will promote health (hopefully here too).

Thanks a lot for this post. Now, I’ll be cautious about my exercises. :)

I understand the risk and will take it slow at first. Thanks for this post!


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