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Read all threads about PC, BC and edging, lets simplify.

Read all threads about PC, BC and edging, lets simplify.

Ok, guys first off, let me say that I have recently lost about 50 lbs, and am working on losing another 100lbs. What they say about losing weight & getting harder erections as a result is absolutely true.

And due to those harder erections, I am now more sensitive & am coming faster than I can ever remember doing in my life.
Also, I will say I’ve been with lots of women, and my ex wife was definitely less snug than an average girl by a small but definitely noticeable difference. A difference big enough to determine how long it takes a guy to come. Now that I’m not with her, I will be dating girls that I know will be much smaller than she was down there, and thus harder to hold my nut. I could fuck her until I decided I wanted to come. She was also a very fast & easy cummer so she would get about 4 to 5 orgasms before I decided to finish.
Add to this that we just got divorced so I haven’t had sex in 3 months. I worked in a field where I had access to many women & still have access to a good handful. They are all ex strippers/ dancers. I was with my wife for 7 years and despite a few threesomes early in our relationship, she is the only woman I been with in that time.

So, I have got a triple jeopardy situation.

1.My cock is harder thus more sensitive from the weight loss
2.My cock is alot more exposed & will be getting more of it inside girls from the weight loss
3.Only woman I was with in last 7 years is alot looser than the average girl
4.I haven’t had sex in right at 3 months & it will be a few more before I do (want to lose some more weight first)
5.All the women I get with once I start are going to be strippers/ex strippers so they will be very arousing
6.I decided I need to start P.E. Again since I know all this is about to happen, thus I will be bigger & it’ll feel better
7.Some women need longer harder sex to orgasm & won’t be as easy as she was to get off

So, as a result I started reading all the lengthy threads about ejaculation control. I found some really good info, but after reading them all, I’m not sure if I am more confused, or if I have the basic idea.

Ok. Here goes. In the simplest terms I can state tell me where I got it right & where I got it wrong. Hopefully this will help any other guys who have read all those threads & will be a nice tidy simple summary for us all. You may use the number system I am using below when commenting on a statement or question. It will help with cohesion as the thread develops with answers from those in the know. It will be easy to know what answer is going with which question.

1. The BC is the tug back the penis muscle. Correct right?
2. The BC is the one you want to concentrate on for being able to clinch down to stop the ejaculate. Correct right?
3. The BC is also the one you “bounce” your penis with. Correct right?
4. The PC is the anus clinch muscle. Correct right?

1. Ok, now, I have read that some guys say they have to PC real hard to have a “dry orgasm” meaning no ejaculate, but experience the sensation, thus being able to stay hard.

2. Some guys say the opposite & that after doing the PC exercises, they come faster now than before & don’t have control over it, and they come without as much notice (it catches them off guard).

3. Other guys have said they do a BC to achieve the “dry orgasm”.
So which would it be? Talking strictly to be able to “dry orgasm” by clinching the needed muscle so that the ejaculate does not come out.

Now for edging. (1-2)
I read where one person said that when you are about to come, you do a reverse Kegel (as in push your anus outward just a little bit as though trying to force a fart out), and slow down the stroking until feeling subsides.

Others have said that when you are about to come to just stop & wait for the feeling to subside & then start up again & do this repeatedly without coming. With NO MENTION of doing the reverse Kegel.

1. So which way would be best on the edging?

2. Also, this just popped into my head, but would you say using a flesh light (the one that’s so good it’s used to train you to last longer) would be an ever better idea due to it bringing you to the point faster so that you get in more “hold it” attempts? Thus, your getting in more “practice” in the same amount of time as using your hands?

I hope this was cohesive & is easy to follow & answer.. Hopefully I got most of it right too.

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Just keep it simple and get a Fleshlight trainer. Get close to where you are going to cum (no too close at first) and then just stop and cool down. Practice until you can go as long as you think you will need or want to.

Second, until you get that down pretty good, just cum before you go on a date and you will be far less sensitive.

All that sophisticated stuff is pretty much if you are looking to master orgasms without ejaculation and isn’t necessary for just learning to last longer during sex.
Good luck.

ps welcome to Thunders!

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What sparkyx said. That is great advice. I have a fleshlight, it is excellent jack-off toy and great for learning ejaculatory control.

Google “fleshlight coupons” - there are generally some out there which will discount your purchase when you buy.

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Sorry Thunder. So you guys really get results from edging alone it sounds like. To be honest, I never really thought that it would be of that much help, but I will definitely give it a shot (after all, making it bigger with your hands works). The other threads said you can see results from edging in as little as a few weeks. Any thoughts on that?

Also let me add this. My wife & I did a 3some and I was going to town bareback on the wife with no problems & when I changed to the other girl, I put a condom on & came in like a minute of being in her. Major difference between the two as far as size down there. Do you think with that having happened I’d still be ok with just edging alone?

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I learned about edging for ejaculatory control when I was in my twenties. From a sex manual called “ESO: extended sexual orgasm.”. Still in print, by the way.

Once I could go 30 mins on my own I could go as long as I wanted with a partner.

Basically what you are learning is what it feels like when you get close to ejaculation. Their method was to totally focus on your body and the sensations you are feeling so you can get really in tune with it. (so no distracting porno - use it to get hard if you want too, but then turn it off).

The goal was get close to the “Point of No Return” four or five times before the thirty minutes was up. Then after thirty mins, then reward yourself and blow a load. If you come before thirty minutes, better luck next time!

So basically, as you do this you get a real good handle on what you feel like right before orgasm. As you practice, you are able to figure out what kind of stimulation you need to keep yourself right on that edge without going over until you want to.

Hope this helps.

Congratulations on the weight loss Mike5150!

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I’m like you mike, i’ve been around PE for almost a decade and have no idea the difference between BC and PC. Some articles say one is the push fart out muscle, while the other is cut of urine flow muscle. Then you have other articles that say only men or women have a pc or a bc, I thinks it’s one of those things i’ll Just wing it on lol.

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Originally Posted by sta-kool
LordVayne: WestLA has a GREAT easy to understand article with medical illustrations:

Locating the bc muscle

Perfect thank you. And Holy shit!!! I didn’t know it was even possible to contract one without the other. After kegeling for about 10 mins after reading I thought “it’s nice to know what it’s called finally but I still (after all these years) can’t flex one w/o the other”. About two minutes later I’m browsing for some headphones and realized I had been contracting the BC w/o the PC just then. So I’m like “how the hell?” then I realized I can do it as long as my legs are wide apart lol.

Something new to work on now =) I swear PE just never ends.

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