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Reached 8 x 6


Reached 8 x 6

I have reached ‘The Holy Grail’ of PE, at least I think, if people mean BPEL in their aims.

After PEing for maybe 2 months (there’s about a 3 week gap in there somewhere), I am now over 8 inches BPEL.

My current stats are currently around:

8.1” BPEL
7.1” NBPEL
6.2” EG mid-shaft

5” FL
5” FG

The flaccid measurements are not completely dependable, due to the ever changing size influenced by temperature, water etc.

I’d like to thank Babbis for giving my penis a kick-start.LD

My aims are now:

7.5” NBPEL (weight-loss time, I don’t look it, but according to BMI calculators I’m amost obese…)
Longer flaccid length, even though it’s annoying enough during sports at this length. Maybe I’ll aim to have the average dimensions of an erect penis, but in flaccid form.
No baseball bat effect, or at least not as obvious an effect, by increasing girth at base.
No girth gains mid-shaft, I have more than enough and don’t want it to restrict sex.
To focus more on other aspects of my life once I have this bit sorted out.

If I can do it, then so can you. Keep PEing, gains will come soon. I wish you all luck.


Congrats on making nice gains and especially hitting the magic 8X6 mark.

I don’t care what you think, I don’t think Babbis should go around kicking cocks. :)

Nice job Aim-High, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a newbie like me on how you reached your goal. I would really appreciate if you re-post. Thanks.

Great results. What routine have you been using?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Wow nice gains. It says you joined Aug 2006. How long have you been doing PE?

Start bpel 6.0 - EG (mid) 4.8

Update bpel 6.25 - EG 4.9-5.0 .. 12/28/11

GOAL bpel 7.5 - EG 5.5-6.0

Congratulations on the gains, AHW!



gprent: Thanks. I agree, kicking cocks is unconventional, but cheaper than pepper-spray.

powerpop24: Just keep PEing. One main recommendation would be to not go too extreme, condition your unit first. I tried a bit of hanging early on and believe me, it does more harm than good when your penis isn’t prepared. The Newbie Routine is a good one to start out on, after doing it for a while I felt I made very slight gains, but then I tried out Babbis’ Modified Newbie Routine. I think it really does work, so if you want to give it a go, try it out. I’m sure Babbis will be more than happy to have more ‘subjects’ to test his routine on.

ModestoMan: Cheers. I started out with the Newbie Routine for a short while, then decided to give Babbis’ one a shot.

tuff: I joined in August, but had been doing PE since early July. I was just reading as much as I could that wasn’t restricted to members only.

GlandMaster: Merci

doubles: Smilies rock :D

:up: congrats Aim-High, nice gains.

Thanks a lot Bird2.

Congrats! Remember the one week of cementing. At least I did not kick you in the balls! :)

Yup. Todays my last day before the week cementing and the month of deconditioning.

Thanks again babbis :)

No problem! Did I miss it or did you not post your starting size? Just wondering how much you have gained. Also, will you post a update in the modified newbie routine thread? I am sure it will be good motivation for the other newbies.

Congratulations on your gains.

What’re your pre PE stats?

To be honest my starting stat measurements may be slightly unreliable, due to the fact that, as I was a newbie, I may not have measured in exactly the same way as now.

The starting stats that I did record are as follows:

BPEL - 7.25
NBPEL - 6.5
EGH - 5.6
EGM - 6.1
EGB - 5.8

For the BPEL measurement, it may be wise to add maybe 1/4”, as I realised after that I was not pressing to the bone completely. Erection levels may not have been completely 100%, as lately I have been getting into the habit of edging to reach as close to 100% erect as possible.

Apologies if these stats are not as dependable as you would wish for. I think one reason I might doubt them slightly myself, is because they seem to be very good newbie gains compared to some I have read about. Maybe I was just lucky?

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