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Re-starting P.E, again.

Re-starting P.E, again.

Hello guys, recently I’ve been thinking about restarting P.E after a long long break.

First, let me give you a brief introduction on my P.E history. I started P.E on November 2012, my stats before P.E were 6.7 inches BPEL 5.5 inches EG. I practised the ‘Newbie routine’ religiously for a month. Within this one month range I saw an increase of 0.2 inches BPEL and 0.1 inch inch EG. I was quite satisfied with these gains and decided that I would continue this till I reach my goal of 8 inches BPEL and 6 inches EG.
But unfortunately due to certain circumstances I was not able to perform P.E regularly for the next few months. One day my penis started showing symptoms of hard flaccid. Well, it would not get as hard as an erect penis but it wasn’t as soft as it was before. My flaccid penis was flexible enough but it just felt slightly rigid as compared to before. I’m not sure if this was enough to diagnose a ‘Hard Flaccid Syndrome’ but it scared me enough to stop P.E for a while.

So then, I haven’t done P.E from that day until now recently; since my flaccid penis seems like it has healed and its softness is nearly back to normal. I have lost also lost all gains. Two days ago I performed a P.E session which consisted of a hot shower which also counts as warm up I guess, followed by 2 minutes of mild stretching and 50 mild dry jelqs. Please note that I did not use much force while performing these exercises, they were very mild as compared to the sessions I used to do when I first started P.E. The next day I got mild tingling sensations at the glans, they weren’t painful at all but just slightly annoying. So, I’m assuming that this is just like a side-effect one gets when he first starts P.E and I’m thinking of continuing this routine for 15 days and then increasing stretches by 1 min and jelqs by 25 every 15 days. What do you guys think? Should I increase/decrease my routine? I really want to take it slow and steady and condition my penis first. Please advise.

I suggest You to follow the Linear Newbie Routine and increasing the total volume over time, keeping under control the EQ.

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