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Re-intro and starting.

Re-intro and starting.

Hey everyone. I figured I’d make another intro since it’s been awhile and update my current circumstances. My name is Shawn , I’m 18 and from California. I joined the forums roughly half a year ago then left for the Army on a Ranger contract. I went through OSUT and Jump School, then got a discharge for Scoliosis. Now I have to do some physical therapy then I go back sometime after January to pickup where I left off.

Previous to now I only had a little bit of time to practice any routines because I was getting ready to leave. Now I’ve got at least a 3 months maybe more which should give me time for at least some progress from what I’ve read. I’d like to get started on one of the newbie routines. Unfortunately my “size” has kept me from doing virtually anything with women. I’ve always been considered “attractive” and I flirt a lot so lots of people think I have lots of sexual activity but I have none, and the more people talk about it the more I get afraid of just getting shut down for size. I’d at least like to do SOMETHING with a woman before I end up shipping overseas for war! But the first step is to be here.

As far as details go, I have no measuring tools at the moment but fully erect it’s maybe half an inch bigger than a pen in length. From what I remember earlier this year it was roughly 5.8 in length and the circumference was very narrow I believe 4.something I’ll get better measurements ASAP though.

What I’m thinking is just a basic newbie routine from the stickies.

Thanks in advance for any input or advice.


The newbie routine is the best place to start. Be consistent and likely you’ll be happy with results - just remember: gains don’t come overnight. Best luck and make us know how it goes :) .

Alright, I spent 3 hours reading before going to work, and I’ve spent 5 hours since returning from work. I feel completely related, at-home, and comfortable now. This “small penis” thing makes you feel like it’s ONLY you. I’ve read literally a minimum of 20 stories from people that who’s stories look like I typed it myself about me. The fears *I.E. Doctors , urinals, women*, the lack in confidence, the different perspectives. Unfortunately it has turned me into a bit of a jerk. I spend a lot of time trying to compensate with tattoos, being a cage fighter, joining the Army as a Ranger, at my jobs I completely work my ass off to keep people’s focus on that and I avoid all female coworkers.

The other night something happened to me that sort of killed my momentum, so I came here to counter that. I was closing at work with 3 managers. One of them, is an ex girlfriend of mine who I dated for 6 months. We never had sex but we “messed around” a little bit. She was a very very nice girl *so I thought* and one of those sort of shy ones who seemed like she’d never care about “size”, she never mentioned anything about it. I ended up breaking up with her before I left for the Army though because it just wasn’t working on the chemistry side of things. This was nearly 8 months ago. Well that other night closing at work a bit ago, I was sitting down having a drink with them(the three managers). One of them was a guy, the other two was the ex girlfriend and a good friend of hers. At one point, someone joked about strip poker. Immediately my instinctive reaction was to blurt out “NO”. Then, the friend of my ex said “I think I know why YOU don’t want to play.” Then she looked at my ex. Then my ex looked at her. Then I looked at my ex who returned to me a look that basically said “sorry I told her”. She had nothing to say after that. They both hinted at it 2-3 times thereafter. My other manager was on his phone most the time and missed it thank God. I eventually just got up and left. That is one of the bigger reasons I came back here with 100% motivation. I think it is extremely immature for women to act like that, especially when you’re 20+ years old. Unfortunately I leave for the Army again sometime next year which will halt any progress I might make which is a bit disheartening but I’ll manage something.

I’m not going to ask any questions about routines , methods, or preventions, as I feel I’ve gained plenty knowledge using the search button. But if anyone would like to PM me or post here with their thoughts, opinions, motivation, all is welcome. Now it’s time for me to get started on my first routine and break my PE virginity.

Originally Posted by LittleG
the Army on a Ranger contract.


Scoliosis could certainly be a problem for jumping or even humping a heavy pack. Best wishes on that. Do the best you can on PE with the time you have. Once you are deployed do what you can with piss pulls every time you take a private leek and experiment with seated fowfers.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hey LittleG, if you have read the basic routine (AKA newbie routine) and understood the excersises, if you are really determined to gain and will be consistent, doing what you can, even if it’s a short training, then you’re above half way to gains.

I’ve read hundreds or maybe thousands of posts here about men hurt by women, and one thing I’ m sure: if a women want to be an ass to you, she’ll find something to play with: if it’s not penis size, it will be the way you smell, or your difficulties with maths, or …..whatever.

About time issues, I always redirect fellows to this thread:

2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

give it a read, it’s maybe the most inspirational thread I’ve ever read.

Best luck.

Well that was a really cheap move by your ex and her friend. sometimes women are just plain stupid and don’t understand what those types of comments can do to a manĀ“s egos.

I mean a dick is basically what separates us from women and “technically” we cant do anything to change it, as to women they can always get their breast enlarged for example.

Anyways don’t let her discourage you we are here to support each other and dive the newbie routine a try for some time and let us know how it goes, but remember don’t become bigger for any woman, become bigger so YOU can feel better.

Was (july 07): 5.25 nbp (5.9 bp)X 4.5

July 10 :6.15 nbp (6.65 bp)X 4.8

Goal: 6.75 nbp (7.1 bp) x 5.1 Final goal : 7.25 nbp x 5.3

Hey everyone, figured I’d throw in an update on everything. My stuff is squared away in regards to the Army, I won’t be leaving until the summer time, I’m getting a job as a corrections officer to get in the absolute best shape I can and save some money before I ship back out. At least that’s what I tell everyone :) . Now let’s talk about the REAL positives, that leaves me with nearly 7 months for PE. Since my beginning posts I was too discouraged and uncaring to keep up with it, and consequently have seen NO action since with the ladies. That being said, with a house fully to myself and plenty of down time, I can get serious about starting a newbie routine. I’ve thrown out the want of trying to do it for women, but rather as a personal motivator. Setting a goal for myself to attain and work for and in turn increase my confidence regardless of gains I make or don’t make.

To begin, I ran to Wal-Mart this morning and snagged some cocoa butter Vaseline, a ruler, and an energy drink. The lady that checked me out of the store asked me if I “was doing anything ‘special’ this morning.” I smiled and said “I believe I am”, she returned the smile and I left.

I’ll update you men when I’m ready to ship out, and I’ll update myself with measurements every 3 weeks. Unfortunately, I do not possess a camera of any sorts so you will have to take my word for whatever does , or doesn’t happen.

Current measurements, NBPEL 6.0” x EG 4.6”

LittleG, I wish you all the best with your PE journey.

Was - 5.1x4.1

Now - 6.2x4.4

Goal - 7.0x5.0

Welcome to Thunders LittleG! Good starting size man and happy gaining! And your not small man! That’s a very solid average/median!

Good luck LittleG. I hope have you much success with your PE journey.

Hopefully in a few years time those bitchy girls can ask you for another game of poker and you can drop a 8 inch dick in their face and then tell them you don’t feel like playing poker today. :D

Best of luck to you, make sure to keep us updated!!! :D

LittleG… I understand just how u feel. U have a bigger unit than I do and lately I’ve been dealing with EQ issues as well. I’ve detailed it in my progress log. Naturally I’m also facing the residual fallout as ‘girls talk’. It’s been a huge motivator for me to do this PE work and I’m optimistic there will be improvements. I guess I would tell you that you shouldn’t wait to be ‘big’ to go for it and get the action if that is what you are wanting in the end. Work on other aspects of pleasing and know how to use great oral skills, find the g spot, and all that other good stuff. I’m with women right now simply because I can please them. Look at how many women are bi and enjoy getting eaten out by other women.

And i agree with CubanB too… i’ve had women joke about my size because I’m a small guy. If I have wood I never hesitate to grab their hand and let them have a feel for themselves. You are really at or above average so u have nothing to be embarassed about. I would think that perhaps because the chemistry wasn’t right with that girl u may not have been fully arroused. There’s probably a reason nothing happened. Just work for gains and then really show them something!

Started Nov2008: EL 5.5", EG 4.5"

Dec 20th: EL 5.75", EG 4.9"

Progress Log

Been awhile since I’ve updated. Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with measurements, nor been too consistent with workouts. I got back into the daily grind of working too much and now I’m back in a situation fixating me on all this. A girl I’m very attracted to, who happens to be a bosses daughter, who’s family I get along with great, etc. Etc. Etc., is now dating me. Things are progressing slowly which I’m making sure of but now I’m getting that mental block about this whole problem of, well you know.

Anyways, I’m trying to quickly get back into a good workout routine, the thing is, I’ve been doing mediocre jelqing and fowwers for awhile now which I think has accustomed me to PE somewhat enough that I can get a solid routine going. I’m looking for any good recommendations. I took the initiative to find some on my own but looking for some situation help as well! I realize that doing it a few weeks won’t physically do much in regards to her, but it will help my confidence!

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