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Re: Enlargement Sprays - Any results

Re: Enlargement Sprays - Any results

Hey guys,

I was just wondering - I’m sure you’ve all seen ADS for enlargement ‘sprays’ on the web. You know it looks like a small bottle the size of like an eyeglasses cleaner. I was wondering if anyone on Thunder’s Place has tried one and if they’ve seen results. As far as I know there are multiple brands out there.

At first, I thought the idea was more ridiculous than pills, but then I thought maybe the idea goes that its supposed to make the tissue more elastic for stretching/whatever.

In any case, again just wondering, thanks.

Be careful not to spray any body parts you don’t want getting bigger!

no mate sprays, pills etc are all rubbish unfortunately, The only way is p.e.

If it did work it would be a tough choice to do the wifes tits first or my wang.

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Originally Posted by griongrower
If it did work it would be a tough choice to do the wifes tits first or my wang.


That’s easy - apply it to her tits with your wang.

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