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Re-arrange newbie routine

Re-arrange newbie routine

The newbie routine here reads something like: 5 mins. Warp-up, 5 mins. Stretching, 10 mins. Jelqing, 5 mins. Warm-down. Now after doing general research and looking through the forums (including PEGym), and I remember someone saying that stretching after jelqing is more effective. Because of this, I have been doing the newbie routine, but with the jelqing and stretching steps inverted.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I stick with the official newbie routine, or keep doing what I’m doing? I’ve only been doing my routine since July 18th, and had 4 PE days (including today). So, stretching to jelqing, or jelqing to stretching?

Do as you feel better, it won’t make much of a difference. Neither the newbie routine says that it is mandatory to do stretches before jelqs, does it?

I did the newbie routine exactly like that: jelqing first, then stretching. Stretching tended to tire out my penis/reduce my EQ a bit, which made jelqing more difficult. Jelqing also was an easier lead-in to edging, which I tried to do with most workouts.

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Thank you Brad and marinera for the answers. I can’t notice any real PIs right now, but I think I’ll stick with my current routine.

Any PE veterans want to weigh in on the subject?

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Not a vet, but I’ve been doing something like the newbie for 2 1/2 months (I have a progress thread you can read if interested). Anyway, I used to stretch before jelq. That was fine. The pro of that is that you kind of get a fuller, fatter hang afterwards. But I decided to change it up a few weeks ago. Now I warm up (in water), jelq, then I take a shower. This is great to wash off all the lube plus it helps keep my penis in a warmed up state. Right after the shower I dry off and do 5-10 of stretches. I find it’s much easier to get a good grip right after a shower when everything is clean and the skin is stripped of natural (and unnatural) oils. So far this has been working well for me.

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