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Raw Dataset of Lifestyles research: Cancun, Mexico


Originally Posted by slipstream
As I said in my analysis of the Ansell data in comparison to ours, both fat pad and EQ would be likely explanations for the difference between the Lifestyles data and TP’s data (or Kinsey).

Exactly my conclusions as well.. Our data shows an average of 6.3 ish starting stats when I put it in the table.. Which would equate to about a half in fat pad. Considering these were young boys I’m thinking that amount of fat pad sounds about right.

.. The link you gave didn’t send me to your analysis though.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Very interesting, I always like hearing about normal people.

Originally Posted by Jawbone
The link you gave didn’t send me to your analysis though.

Whoa…that was definitely not my analysis. I wonder what happened there? I’ve never even seen that thread! Here is the analysis.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

This research was performed to measure the NBP? If so then you deviate a lot from other studies, in which BP was measured. Here is the NBP higher than BP in some research.

I personally trust the measurements of posters here on Thunder’s more. Yes, while many of us may be lying (and many of us post photographic evidence that we are not), on the whole, I think you’ll get a more accurate measurement if you can achieve a full erection (difficult in this particular study) and get a good bone press. Non-bone pressed has too much uncertainty.

I would bet that the measures were NBPEL because a condom manufacturer would have no interest in BPEL. A condom can’t be rolled back into someone’s fat pad to cover the hidden part of their penis. So, I think their only interest would be NBPEL.

Originally Posted by Jawbone
We can probably decrease it by 1/8 as well because the hard ons were voluntary and.. When the time came to measuring.. EQ probably wasn’t 100% in 100% of the individuals.

What ska-kool found was a link to the cornell sun (weird “news/blog” site, I ended up reading other articles from it).

Specifically this link, which is what made me assume it was bone pressed:

Inside of the article it reads

The other two links that said something different.

Maybe I’m misreading something here.. The base of the erect penis where the top of the penile shaft meets the pubic area sounds like NBP to me.

What’s troubling me is that we have this figurative chart from LifeStyles, a website from ansell that gives the averages and number of participants and some forums and a college newspaper as the only sources reporting the measuring method. It seems really troublesome to get some *hard* data on this. I’m leaning towards that it was NBPEL because they are a condom company and wouldn’t be interested in BPEL measurements. Http://

It’s missing that really important piece of information (for us).

Come next Wednesday if I don’t receive a reply back I’ll phone them and see what I can extract.

It sounds to me like it’s BPEL. The two quotes are a little fuzzy when compared to the other, but I don’t think they posatively indicate that the measurement was taken from the fat pad to the tip of the penis. A condomn company would care about BPEL because it’s the only consistant way to measure actual penis size. The BPEL length is totally usable penis, and, if you only measure NBPEL then weight and other, non-penis related, issues effect the data. Such data, for instance, would indicate that skinnier people have bigger penises.

When I measure nbpel I get to many diffrent measurements. Most of it is because of eq. I think all studies should be bp.

Started: 5.0bpelx5.0mseg.


4”< —- 5.49 %
4”-4.5” —- 9.96 %
4.5”-5” —- 22.80 %
5”-5.5” —- 26.00 %
5.5”-6” —- 18.14 %
6”-6.5” —- 11.43 %
6.5”-7” —- 3.94 %
7”-7.5” —- 1.64 %
7.5”-8” —- 0.28 %
8”> —- 0.23 %

AVERAGE NBPEL BETWEEN 4.5”-6.5” (11.5 cm - 16.5 cm)- 78 %


BPEL - 8.25" - BPEL - 8.65" - BPEL - 9" - "SHANE DIESEL" or "JACK NAPIER"

MSEG - 6.35" - MSEG - 6.70" - MSEG - 7" -


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