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Rate my program please

Rate my program please

Hey everyone, I’m 6.5”x5.25” and want to know what you all think of this program. I got all the exercise names from the Guide to Manual Exercises in the Newbie thread.

3 basic stretches in different directions, 1 minute each stretch.

1 fowfer stretch, 1 minute.

1 squat stretch, 1 minute.

Over the leg stretch, over each leg once for 1 minute.

1 “V” Stretch, 1 minute.(I’m not sure about this one, I just stretch with one hand and press with my other thumb?)

2 minutes of kegels while stretching.

100 jelqs, takes a couple of minutes.

My workout is only 15 minutes, and focuses on stretching. I figure I’ll stick with this for at least a year, increasing the time done for each stretch every couple of weeks? How often and by how much do you think I should increase my workouts? I know a year isn’t a long time for PEing, but it’s tough to find time to PE for me. I’ll try to do this as many days a week as I can, which will probably be 3-5. It’s tougher on weekdays because I have to go to sleep earlier for school. Thanks for all the help.

Q: Rate my program please.

A: Uhhh… “5”? :leftie:


p.s.: 1) Unless you’re doing your workout in a warm shower, or sauna, a warmup is a good idea.

2) Squat stretches, fowfers, V’s, OTL can be quite intense. Might be good to start with the simple SD, SO, if you’re completely new to PE.

I guess its just preference, but I think it would be safe to up your jelq number to maybie 200 or 300. As discussed in many other threads jelqing is ( to some ) the cornerstone of PE, so there is no reason to leave it out, or to dull it down. As usual for pe though, just listen to your unit, if anything doesn’t feel right, then stop doing it.

Thecheebaman: OK I’ll increase the jelqs a bit.

Glandmaster: I’ve PE’d on and off for about a month or two and I do think I can do the other stretches, but I will do more basic stretches than tough ones.

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