Raphe, curve & scar tissue.

I have a prominent raphe and what looks like scar tissue/stretch marks or what looks webbed or maybe what a burn victims skin may look like - coming from the raphe and at the sides of my foreskin. I am circumcised and the raphe comes from my balls as normal then veers off to the right and stays on the right side before coming back to the centre back to my glans where they would have sewed it together. I also have a prominent right curve. I wonder if this scar or stretch tissue and raphe on the right side is whats pulling it and causing the right sided curve.

I have thought about scar cream. What about dax (hair wax) to rub into it? It’s ingredients are petrolatum (also known as petroleum jelly which can be used for scars), mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum) which is in bio-oil scar treatment and lanolin which is used in cosmetic products and is used to soothe skin.

Does anyone have any input on any of this? Would be very appreciated. Cheers!