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Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

These are just some random thoughts I’ve had in the short time that I’ve been visiting this site.

From my point of view there are dudes that are doing PE as somewhat of a hobby and some dudes who are doing it because they are seriously concerned about the size of their dick.

Or a little of both. Personally, I am a hobbyist, and I don’t really have any hobbies, besides this for now, and I’ve always been concerned with the size of my unit. I guess that puts me in

The ” a little of both category”. I’m not sure why. Probably some deep rooted psychological bullshit. It seems strange to me that there are so many other guys with this same disorder.

(Kidding). I’m super happy that I’ve found this place and I definitely have plenty of questions.

For the guys who just want a bigger unit, for the hell of it :

Why? I’m not sure myself. What is the point? Does it make us more manly? Chicks really don’t seem to give a shit, if ya can work it. So what’s the point?

For the guys who are concerned about the size of their piece:

Most women can get off great with a finger bang and a little oral action, so the size of your penis doesn’t really matter anyway.

If your current lady has had a bigger one in her and is still hanging with you, you must have something special, and you know she isn’t craving’ something’ bigger, because she’s curious .

Like I said, I just had some random thoughts, and I’m new to this shit. I figure maybe some of you guys can give me a little help. Just a start . Plan on sticking with this for awhile, and it

Seems like there are plenty of good members out there willing to offer their support, so thanks. Thunder’s place rocks !

Strict criticism is welcome. I don’t know the rules yet.

Did I post this in the correct spot? Please redirect me, if not.

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Some good question’s I guess. I know why I’m doing it. I’m not so much concerned that my penis is small, as I know its slightly above average in length, and just about average in girth. I know my girlfriend absolutely loves my cock the way it is and the way it’s shaped as well. When I have sex I am usually able to make her cum at least once and up to 4 times in a single fuck through penetration. My goal is to have a bit of self-satisfaction to her saying “wow, you feel like your filling me up inside”. A lot of PE’rs will tell you that is one of the main goals of their PE quest, to “fill” up a woman while they have sex with them.

Also, sure PE is about getting a bigger dick, but I know this site has given me much more than increased size. Thanks to TP I’m now able to have multiple orgasms through a book I read online in a thread called “Mantak Chia”. PE has also made my dick more veiny which I find more appealing. It has also given me improved erections by using kegels after my workouts.

As for my lady craving something bigger I don’t think she is. My girl hasn’t had many partners before but I’m almost positive her last boyfriend before me was bigger than I am. I used to worry about that, then I got sense into me while looking on this forum showing that not only does height have a weak correlation with dick size, but many posts on how if your girl sticks with you and you have a great sex life, you must be doing something right.

Start May-28-09 --- BPEL 5.875/EG 4.75/NBPEL 5.125/FL 3.00/FG 4.00 *Oct 24/09 --- BPEL 6.750/EG 4.875/NBPEL 5.875/FL 4.000/FG 4.250*

Short Term Goal --- BPEL 7.000/EG 5.000

Long Term Goal --- BPEL 7.500/EG 6.000

I started PE to improve erection quality and didn’t believe it would make me bigger. I am continuing it now with the goal of getting a little bigger, however.

I’m currently about 7.75” BPEL and 5.5-5.6” girth (maximum around 6”). I’m not insecure about my size. I’ve been married many years and I am not looking to cheat. I doubt that I would “impress” my wife unless I suddenly got twice as big.

My wife has had two kids. She wasn’t small to begin with and got bigger after two vaginal deliveries. I am trying to get bigger because it makes sex with my wife better for me. If it makes it better for her as well, that’s great. If I start to get to the point where my size causes her discomfort, I’ll stop, or just do maintenance PE.

I never really had problems with my average size (both length and girth), but I found myself thinking from time to time why am I not one of those guys blessed with above average or even big dicks? Why do I have to be average like most other guys? But I lived with that. I stumbled upon penis enlargement methods while surfing the net numerous times, but I never believed it worked. I finally decided to give it a try and got a small injury after a week or two, which scared and discouraged me to keep doing it. Then I started again almost a year later and finally got convinced that it actually works. Why am I doing it now? It’s probably psychological, but I don’t want to be average. I want to be better than that. I also want to fill up my girlfriend as much as possible (without causing discomfort, of course). It’s an ego thing, I’m sure. She’s happy with my unit as it is, but I know she won’t complain when it gets bigger.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

You either PE because you are insecure of your size, you want a bigger ego, you want to fill her up, or better EQ. For me its because I am insecure. I have every right to be because I am underaverage in girth and length.

I believe TP does help you in other ways than just below the belt. I was thinking about starting up a thread like this after I reach my goals.

HEY! Thanks alot for the input guys. I’ll definitely post any results, and any helpful ideas I come up with. Feel a bit braver for future posting and inquiry. Thanks

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