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Random erections after a session

Random erections after a session

After reading on here for a while and preparing for a while I started my PE trainning this morning.

I didn’t have a warm wrap so I just held my penis in between my hands while in the shower and let the warm water spary over my hands and that heated it up pretty well.

I just did the beginners regimment while Jelqing my penis did seem to be a lot thicker then normal after a few minutes, did some stretches nothing major workout consisted of this

8 min warm up
200 Jelqs 100 under and 100 over hand each took 2-3 seconds to complete
5 min warm up
3 set of 3 stretches up down and to the sides
5 min warm down

Immedetly after hand a bigger then normal hang, wasn’t worried I know thats normal

But through the day I have been getting random 80%-90% erections the same size I was while working out they last a short like 3 minutes then it settles down. Is this normal or should I be worried? They don’t hurt at all and my penis gets to the point where it owuld start standing up on it’s own and stops.

Any advice?

I took some pictures but I can’t post them yet atm I’m starting with about a 7.5 across the top 8.5 along the side measurement in length and 5.5 in girth my goals are 10 across the top 11 along the side and 7 in girth

I plan on doing 2 days on 1 day off (2 if I feel it’s needed), if anything I would really like more flaccid length and girth right now I”m a real big grower.

EDIT: sorry forgot to add that I completed 50 kregals after the warm down

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